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Coyotes are not evenly distributed throughout their range in the Southeast and seek habitat niches where food sources are abundant Photo by istockphoto

Is Coyote Control the Answer for Better Deer Hunting?

As I discussed in previous Deer & Deer Hunting articles, white-tailed deer populations seem to have peaked throughout much of North America and now are on the decline — in some areas sharply. Obviously, fewer deer means fewer hunting opportunities. By John Ozoga For Deer & Deer Hunting The reasons for this deer population decline...

Coyote Fawn

States Targeting Coyotes in Groundbreaking Research Project

Three state wildlife agencies have joined forces with one of the top white-tailed deer research labs in the nation along with a prestigious university as part of a groundbreaking, multi-year project into coyote behavior. The states have long battled coyote predation on white-tailed deer fawns and now, after about a decade of liberal doe...