public land

Hunting public land requires dedication, commitment and research if you want to be successful. (Photo: Gordy J. Krahn)

Millions of Acres Await Diehard Deer, Turkey Hunters

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard other hunters say they don’t hunt public land. The excuses are many: It’s too crowded. It’s too dangerous. There are too many fools out there who interfere with the birds you’re working. Yeah, well, nothing’s perfect. If you can line up good private land for...

Public land bucks often are tougher to pattern and hunt due to the pressure on the land, but some hunters achieve annual success through hard work, woodsmanship and a bit of luck.

How to Get the Jump on Public Land Bucks This Season

Hunters who have private land they can hunt rarely gravitate to hunting open-to-hunting public lands simply because no matter how much hunting pressure private parcels receive, nearby public lands usually receive more, have fewer mature bucks and can be more difficult to hunt. However, even in the heaviest-hunted states, there are public-land gems that...

Routines create pressure that deer realize and react to each season.

Fantastic Tips for Public Land Deer Hunts

Do you hunt public land and if so, what are your expectations for a successful hunt: meat or antlers? Can you have both? Can you enjoy hunting public land knowing others may be around you or walk in on you, or not have the same expectations you have? Check out this clip from Deer...