Ted Nugent

Arrow Heaven

One does not begin the hunt upon getting settled into our stand, but rather, a full-on dedicated hunt-mode mindset the minute we leave camp, the truck or home. I thoroughly absorb every sound, smell, taste, movement, glint and pulse.

Just Shut Up and Hunt

Aim small miss small and backstrap like you mean it! This is the only October 2019 we will ever have! Don’t let a minute of it get away from you!

Taxidermy Prices: What Should a Deer Mount Cost?

If you’ve ever shot a deer and looked for the best price on taxidermy, you know that shoulder mount prices are all over the board. Established taxidermy shops might charge $600 or $700, while the “guy down the street” is only looking for $300. What’s the difference (other than half), you ask? Short answer:...

Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, Then Hunt Some More

I for one would sure like to see a dedicated resurgence back into the wild again, for we all know that the more time we spend cleansing our souls in the great outdoors, the better fortified we are to deal with an ever-increasing stressful world around us.

Herd Management 101

Those of us who diligently monitor our hunting grounds, both private and public, should establish a good rapport with our regional game departments, regularly communicating our observations and concerns in order to assist them in making informed season and harvest decisions.

Recruit Retain Reactivate

Recruit Retain Reactivate is known as the 3R battlecry for the future of conservation in America. If those of us who truly cherish this lifestyle fail to step up, believe me when I tell you, all is lost.

Why Aren’t There More Photos of Deer with CWD?

If you’ve read enough of my blog posts over the years, you’ll know where I stand when it comes to the hysteria over chronic wasting disease (CWD) in deer and how that relates to deer hunting’s future. Today’s post is not going to be long and detailed. It is quite simply a question that...