These Deer Harvest Numbers Don’t Lie

How many times have your heard this argument by trophy buck hunters: “If you want meat, just kill a doe!” That mantra has been repeated loudly on almost any deer hunting website, social media page or YouTube channel that’s dedicated to whitetail hunting in recent memory. Ironically, in the old days (30+ years ago),...

Mystical Flight 2019

Perfect archery is difficult enough on the range, and near impossible on the hunt, but when we really apply ourselves during serious and regular practice sessions, the aim-small, miss-small, mystical-flight-of-the-arrow dreams can become a reality time and time again.

Is It An Antlered Doe? Probably Not

Despite sound scientific research on the topic that’s been around for more than 25 years, the general deer hunting public is still confused about deer that — from outward signs — appear to be “antlered does.” Deer & Deer Hunting has been the leader in information on this subject for decades, and — more...

Happy Happy Thanksgiving Everyday America

Thanksgiving is indeed a very special occasion in America, and everybody I know makes a supreme effort to show sincere appreciation and gratitude for all of the blessings that we have in this Last Best Place on earth.

The Biggest Deer Camp in the World

Untold smiles, backstraps and memories light up the hunting families across America each season, and the more we share them the more enjoyment we gain. Congratulations and a big Uncle Ted SALUTE to all of the happy hunters everywhere.

Get the December Issue of Deer & Deer Hunting

The new issue of Deer & Deer Hunting will start shipping later this week. Highlights from this issue (December 2019 cover date) include the following articles: “Take Advantage of Late Rut Action,” by Steve Bartylla. “Rut-Hunting Tactics for Southern Deer Hunters” by Bryan Hendricks. “7 Tips for Sighting in Any Deer Gun,” by Brad...

Deer Camp

We have had the great joy of sharing deer camp with families from all 50 states and a few Canadian provinces, and the joys of deer camps everywhere are multiplied exponentially when the camps go longer and include more people. Deer hunters are the best doggone people in the world!