Nugent: Happy Birthday Hunt To Me

Nugent: Happy Birthday Hunt To Me

As Ted celebrates 70 this year, there are no words to adequately describe his deep appreciation for time spent with wonderful people who all share the hunting lifestyle and heritage.

How to Deer Hunt on Public Land

If you want to become a better public land deer hunter, learn how to simply find deer on public land. Learn how these critters behave when the pressure is on, and you can hunt deer anywhere in North America. Trust me on this one, as I’ve spent more than 30 years...

Ted Nugent Buck October 2018

Nugent: The Mystical Fog Buck 

Every hunt is special, exciting, interesting, educational, ultraFUN and mystical to say the least. But on October 20, 2018, deep in the traditional Michigan swampland, the mysticism factor accelerated to a higher degree than usual.
Nugent: Spirit BloodBrothers

Nugent: Spirit BloodBrothers  

The term BloodBrother is an aboriginal designation of a true friend who will always be there for you. We all have BloodBrothers. We have all lost BloodBrothers. Be sure your BloodBrothers know that you are there for them.

Shotgun Season Means Deer Meat for Dinner

Want more deer meat for dinner? The calendar might say we’re nearing the end of deer season, but if you follow these five steps, you can not only secure that venison meal for this weekend but also fill that freezer for happy eating the rest of the winter. I just returned...

A Brief Explanation of Hunting Ethics

The term ethics refers to the study of how to determine the right or moral way to act when faced with everyday human predicaments. Hunting ethics are a set of moral standards that help us, as hunters, to make the right or moral choice.