Every Deer Deserves Our Respect

Do you say a hunter’s prayer when you go hunting? Do you believe in praying over a dead deer? What are your thoughts on your relationship as a hunter/predator and how that relates to the animals you bring home for your family’s dinner table? These are all rhetorical questions, of course....

We All Miss Shots on Deer!

We all miss and it is always a painful thing. Some misses are manageable, some not so much. I just thought I would share this heartbreak with everyone here in the hunting world to let you know that we all miss. Everybody misses and everybody will miss again.

Deer Urine Bans Do Nothing to Slow CWD: Prion Researcher

States that have banned the use of deer urine by hunters are using faulty political motives, not sound science, according to one of North America’s top microbiologists. Dr. Davin M. Henderson from the Prion Research Center, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology at Colorado State University said today that banning urine-based...

Nugent: Kids Kids and More Kids!

We all need to put forth a genuine effort to always include our children, grandchildren and extended family and neighbor’s kids in our outdoor fun. If we don’t do it, nobody else will and the dishonest negative powers that be will win the culture war against us.

Low-Profile Tactics for Public-Land Hunting

Deer hunting is a challenge everywhere, and public land hunting increases the obstacles that many on private land rarely need to worry about. So, here is the first of six sneaky ways to stay under the radar and find success on public land.
Nugent: Happy Nuge Year 2019 All!

Nugent: Happy Nuge Year 2019 All!

Good old Mother Nature and nasty old Murphy always have the final say. And of course that is why we love it so much. On occasion, when luck is on our side, such dedicated planning connects the predator dots, the backstrapper planets align, and God shines His miraculous love down upon...

Nugent: Hunters To The Rescue

Nugent: Hunters to the Rescue

The Christmas spirit of giving never really ends, and nothing makes you feel warm and good inside like a good, hot meal of venison, except maybe the giving of a good, hot meal of venison.

Top 5 Deer Blog Posts of 2018

We’ve had another great year here at DDH, and I’ve again enjoyed talking all things deer and deer hunting with everyone. You are my online family, and words alone cannot express my gratitude for all of the support and friendship you’ve shown me over the years. I also appreciate the criticism...