Gray wolf. (US Fish & Wildlife Service)

Arguments Made to Support States’ Rights in Wolf Case

The Great Lakes Wolf situation has taken numerous twists and turns, capturing the attention of hunters, anti-hunters, enviro-supporters, the judiciary, legislators and even Joe Lunchbucket folks as it wends its way through the court system. Neither side — the one for states’ rights and the protect-the-wolves side — are budging. After several rulings, the...

Ammunition with lead will be banned on California public lands beginning July 1 as part of a statewide phase-out program.

Do You Need a Background Check to Go Deer Hunting?

Hunters throughout the country need licenses, permits and, usually, permission from landowners in order to hunt deer, upland or waterfowl birds, small game and other big game species. We apply for tags and special permits, get licenses or permits for public land hunting, and have to undergo background checks to purchase rifles and handguns...