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Rage Simply Lethal crossbow arrows, heads and field points get you on the range and in the field immediately.

ATA 2017: Be Ready to Hunt with Rage Simply Lethal Crossbow Package

To address the ever-growing crossbow market, Rage has announced the immediate availability of new ready-to-shoot Rage bolts with the introduction of the Simply Lethal crossbow bolt package. Rage does all the work in finding the perfect combination of carbon-fiber bolts, CrossbowX broadheads, vanes, field points and inserts, so hunters can spend more time shooting...

Rage Simply Lethal bow arrow head pack

ATA 2017: Buy, Hunt with Complete Rage Simply Lethal Packages

Rage, the No. 1 selling mechanical broadhead on the market, now offers two complete arrow packages so archers can spend less time building arrows and more time shooting them. The new Rage Simply Lethal Arrow package combines a popular Gold Tip pre-fletched carbon arrows with the archer’s choice of either the Rage SC 2-Blade...

INNOVATION NAP Hellfire QuikFletch vanes

D+DH Innovation Zone: NAP QuikFletch Hellfire Vane

New Archery Products unveils a new QuikFletch vane — the Hellfire — which offers improved spin and stability on hunting arrows. Best of all, it is super easy to install on arrow shafts. +++++ Free Videos Anytime! Be sure to watch free episodes of Deer & Deer Hunting TV, Destination Whitetail and more on


Remember ‘Buyer beware!’ When Buying Broadheads Online

Apparently knock-off products aren’t exclusive to over-priced jewelry and handbags. One Illinois hunter learned this the hard way, and his story makes you wonder how many hunters have been duped and didn’t know it. Let’s face it: good hunting products can be pricey, and there are certainly some great deals to be had. You just need...


Understanding the Importance of Crossbow Nocks

That little piece of plastic on the end of your favorite crossbow arrow may seem unassuming, however the nock plays an important role in safety, accuracy, and consistency with every shot. The nock fits tight into the end of your crossbow arrow and is as important to your arrow as a launchpad is to...

INNOVATION   Scott Archery

D+DH Innovation Zone: Scott Archery Freedom XT Release

Exclusive insights into the most innovative products for deer hunters. A good bowhunting release is critical to not only result in accurate shots but to also instill confidence in the shooter. You don’t want any doubts at the moment of truth. Daniel Schmidt from Deer & Deer Hunting‘s exclusive Innovation Zone checks out the...

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Locavore Blog: Chasing the Arrow and Other Archery Terms

Thumbing through back issues of Deer & Deer Hunting, I find myself stumbling over terminology related to archery, bowhunting, and rifle hunting – all words I need to start familiarizing myself with for my future goal (and also so I sound like I know what I’m talking about). Considering that I didn’t grow up...