Layer Your Way to Weather Comfort for Deer, Predators

Being prepared for weather extremes, especially the inclement kind, means outfitting yourself in gear that can battle rain, snow, wind and subzero temperatures. Wrong warm-weather clothing choices don’t have near the dangers as when cold extremes invade your hunt.

Just as with deer hunting, knowing when to take the best shot and maximizing your chances for success works the same way with predators.

Just as with deer hunting, knowing when to take the best shot and maximizing your chances for success works the same way with predators.

Consider a layering system to enjoy whatever Mother Nature brings on. There are three building blocks to your layering system: base layer, insulation and a protective layer. Here are the basics.

You need a base layer up against all parts of your skin from head to toe and including your hands. This layer is the most important and responsible for transporting body-made moisture away from your skin. To transport body moisture away from your skin use polyester-based materials for this chore such as Cabela’s Thermal Zone E.C.W.C.S. base layer.

After the base layer you need to provide insulation and newer is better. Synthetic fibers like Thinsulate Flex insulation, Primaloft, Microloft and Polarguard trap air between fiber strands. These manmade materials are water resistant, a few are waterproof, and they are easily washed, unlike natural down. For subzero protection I’ve relied on the Cabela’s MTO50 Whitetail Extreme bibs and parka combo.

Finally, you need to wrap the entire ensemble in a waterproof, yet breathable layering for an efficient package. This weatherproof wrap not only protects your insulation and base from outside moisture, but it traps heat and thwarts convection or wind chill. Gore-Tex and Cabela’s Dry-Plus material offer a barrier that protects against moisture and wind. Look for these qualities in your next predator hunting clothing ensemble.

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