Turn Up the Heat With Your Deer Rifle Ammo

If you want a little more horsepower from your deer rifle but don’t want to step up to
a magnum caliber then Hornady has you covered.

Hornady SuperFormance bullet.

Hornady Superformance ammo comes in different size options for semi-auto, bolt action, single-shot and lever firearms.

Hornady”s Superformance line of ammunition provides a boost in velocity, often 100 to 200 fps better than standard factory ammo. That means better trajectories and more energy, so you can extend the range of your current hunting rifle without the added weight, recoil and muzzle blast of larger magnums.

Hornady accomplishes this with the use of a proprietary propellant that achieves a boost in velocity over standard powders. A number of different load offerings are available in popular whitetail cartridges such as .308 Win., .270 Win. and .30-06.

The Superformance line is loaded with premium Hornady projectiles such as the SST and GMX bullets, which have a proven track records on deer. Additionally, Superformance ammunition has been tested in a variety of actions so whether you shoot a lever action, bolt action, semiauto or single-shot you’ll see a marked increase in bullet velocity and downrange energy.

If you want magnum power without paying the price in recoil and muzzle blast, check out Hornady’s Superformance offerings for big game and predators.