Bulls Bag Attracts Serious Shooters

Bulls Bag The "Editors Pick and Experts Choice" and "BEST" shooting SYSTEM ever. The New X-7 BULLS BAG will perform 7 Expert shooting arrangements which transforms into a Hi-Pro Series and Original (low) Bulls Bag, (Patented Butterfly-Grip) Toe & Heel, Pistol Rest, Adjustable Stack Bags, Window & Blind Shooting Rest. Includes 40 Plus additional terrain and shooting configurations…

Each purchase includes: 200% Double Your Money Back Guarantee, 100% No Risk!, No Leak!, Outperforms ALL other… Protects Your Gun and 100% Lifetime GUARANTEE!

BULLS BAG is a patented gripping design. Click here for more information. Your Weapon… Your Accuracy… Your Call…717-294-6000.