Burgeson Promoted to President of Wildlife Research

Wildlife Research Center, Inc., the leader in the scent and scent elimination product category for hunters, announces Sam Burgeson as the new president of the company.

Sam Burgeson PhotoBurgeson joined WRC as a full time employee in 2006 with a background in management, sales, chemistry, and chemical engineering, plus a love of the outdoors. He quickly showed his ability to manage new product development and personally led the way on several new technological advances. He engaged in sales for the company, creatively supporting the retailer network and strives to uphold the reputation of delivering the finest product quality and service. Burgeson took on management positions with higher levels of responsibility, as well as Vice President, that eventually led him to his new role as President. 

WRC remains a family owned company.

“I taught Sam about the business since he was a little kid, said John Burgeson, co-owner. “Besides our general talks about business, we enjoyed watching television commercials together and talking about marketing and product development. Sam always found Wildlife Research Center interesting. He has spent time with me in the woods and on lakes since he was quite young and really appreciates the outdoors.”

Brothers John and Brian Burgeson will remain in active management roles and will continue their daily work at WRC.

“Sam has been working long hours for a long time and is fully committed to continuing with the finest product quality and customer service that John and I have built the brand on,” said Brian Burgeson, co-owner. “He is dedicated to serving both the hunters who use our products and the retailers who carry them. Sam has the drive and desire to continue the innovation of products my brother and I started. We are happy to have Sam become the president.”

When Sam was asked what his plans for the future of the company were, he replied, “To keep doing what we do best: Make the best products and provide world class service to our customers. I am thankful for the great team we have here at WRC, all the great people we get to work with, and the knowledge and experience John and Brian provide.”