Lock and Load

Its October 25, the lull is upon us and it’s gut check time! This is the time we need to step back and really think about what we need to do. Storms and cold fronts are moving in here in northwest Missouri so if you really want to drastically increase your chances of killing that monster you see every night in your dreams, this is the time to do it! A Lot of people at my work place give me a hard time because of my obsessive habit of always checking the weather and wind direction, but when i checked it Monday morning I knew that if I wanted to go after “lucky” or any of my hit list bucks I needed to take advantage of this sudden shift in weather. So I immediately took a vacation day for this Friday and devised a plan of attack. For me this is the time of year that I usually buckle down and get aggressive. I will spend hours and hours in the stand in hopes of catching a glimpse of a mature whitetail. The pre-rut is just starting to fire up, I have seen a few younger bucks bumping doe’s and some deer are starting to show up on the shoulder of the highways. With that being said, be safe and stay tuned for some action packed weeks ahead, cause the big boys are gonna start hitting the ground! Time to charge all the camera batteries, fire up the Whitetail’R scent purge 50 in the jeep and dream about monsters. Until next time, good luck to all! Bend it and send it!

p.s. Lucky,watch your back sir!

One thought on “Lock and Load

  1. JKuonen

    You can learn alot from these blogs folks! I have been soaking it all into my medula and hittin the woods! I am fortunate enough to know Steven and a few other Working Class Whitetail pro staffers and i have to say These fellers are Top notch not only while hunting for themselves but i have gotten lots of help with stand locations and helping me with mock scrapes on the land i hunt! Thanks for all that you do fellas and keep up the awesome work!! Being fairly new to the sport I consider myself very lucky to have the friends i have to help me succeed in my quest for my first buck! and many after!!

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