Rutting and Running in Alabama

The bucks are chasing and hunting is great — if you can get there

The southern rut is on! I just returned from the P Arrow Plantation in Livingston,
Ala. as a guest of Remington’s Eddie Stevenson and Linda Powell on an early January
hunt to field test Remington’s new Accutip slugs and ShurShot 870 slug guns.

The trip itself nearly fell apart due to airport delays that cost me a day of hunting.
However, the writers in camp before me reported seeing bucks running does on the first
morning and I decided to reschedule the flight and try again.

I was glad I did. Stevenson reported that he and head guide Wes Hurt watched a wide-racked
buck chase a doe onto the neighbor’s property on their way back from a morning hunt.

I didn’t reach P Arrow until 4 p.m., but Hurt insisted I had time to make an evening
stand if we hurried. Twenty-minutes later, we were creeping up to a shooting blind
along a green field not far from the lodge.

We settled in, and within 15 minutes a doe popped out of the woods — followed by
the wide-racked buck Hurt and Stevenson had watched run onto the neighbor’s property
that morning.

The buck was running the doe, but Hurt was able to stop the buck for a broadside shot
at less than 50 yards using a bleat.


385-grain polymer-tipped slug dropped the buck in it’s tracks. Later, we found the
new Accutip had retained 93 percent of it’s mass (96 percent if you don’t count the
polymer tip — which Stevenson said fragments on impact, leaving an impressive entry

Despite the 70-degree highs, all of the hunters in camp saw mature bucks and rutting
activity. On Wed., the final morning, Stevenson connected on a nice buck that lifted
a doe off the ground with its nose as it tried to “convince” the doe to breed.

We all had plenty of chances to harvest does with new slugs and all connected on shots
ranging from 60 to more than 100 yards. I was also impressed with the new SureShot
stocks teamed with Remington’s new SuperCell recoil pads. The new combination was
a pleasure to shoot, even with the heavy slugs and their high-velocity loads. Check
them out at

If you are interested in the P Arrow and it’s abundant deer and quail you can find
them online at
Owners Drayton and Zina Pruitt are sensational hosts and the plantation is a spectacular

Jake Edson

Deer & Deer Hunting Associate Editor