The Season: Silent Retriever is a Fumble-Fingers Helper

Dang! Dropped my cap!

Dadgummit! Dropped my gloves/facemask/neck gaiter!

The Silent Retriever can snag a dropped item, saving you from making a trip down a tree.

Dropping something when you’re in a 15-foot ladder stand isn’t a terribly big ordeal. If you really need it you can climb down easily and retrieve it.

Being in a climber is a different story, though. Usually, if you drop something while you’re in a climber, it’s either going to stay on the ground or you’ll climb down to get it.

Check out this neat item called The Silent Retriever. We ran across this on Twitter – become a Deer Tweep and follow us @deerhuntingmag on there – and thought it looked cool. Quiet, with either a 25-foot cord or clips to attach to your own cord. Nice hooks. Weighed so you can maneuver it a bit.

And, it comes in a plastic tube that can fit neatly into a backpack or fanny pack or pocket on your cargo pants. The Silent Retriever comes in four colors, costs only about $13 and most likely can save you a headache or from making a contribution to your No Cussin’ jar this hunting season.

Check it out at this site.

— Alan Clemons, Southeast Managing Editor