The Season: Trusty Watch Keeps On Tickin’

A few weeks ago I noticed our 15-year old son had a watch on his wrist, something not too common today with everyone from Granny to toddlers toting smart phones or some kind of e-gizmo.

“Where’d you get the watch?” I asked.

“It’s yours,” he said.

Casio’s G-Shock has served quite well over the years.

Part of me wanted to tell him to take it off. But I didn’t. My father had a few things that I kind of liked looking at, things from when he was younger. It’s just part of the generational thing, and I like that.

My old watch our son was wearing is 16 years old. It’s a Casio G-Shock, with a rubber wristband. It tells time in 12- and 24-hour modes, has a stopwatch, tells the day and date, and has a “beep, beep, beep” alarm that isn’t too loud and isn’t too soft.

I bought it back in 1996 while planning a fishing trip to Canada with friends. Figured having something to at least remind us of the date and time might be helpful lest we get lost in the woolly woods or start catching fish and lose track. (We didn’t get lost, but we did catch a bunch of pike, walleye, lakers and smallmouth.)

Since then, the Casio G-Shock has been with me on frigid deer hunting trips in Iowa and Alabama, hot ones in Florida and South Carolina, in duck blinds from Maine to Mississipppi, on turkey hunts from Mexico to Tennessee, and on several more fishing trips. The gentle alarm has “beep, beep, beeped” me awake many mornings, just enough to rouse my slumber and not harsh enough to make me want to smash a bedside table clock to smithereens.

It quit working sometime last week. Needs a new battery. This will be only the second one in 16 years. Newer models are solar powered, have declination and directional features, and have other new colors or zip-bang ideas. Casio is celebrating 30 years of the G-Shock, and by the late 1990s had sold more than 19 million of them.

It’s an inexpensive watch, but it’s part of my hunting and fishing tradition. I’ll just get another battery in mine and keep on keeping on.

Unless, of course, our son gets it.

Do you have any old, traditional or sentimental things that have been on your hunting and fishing trips? Let us know about them with a comment or two below! 

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