Wyoming Teen Loses Hunting, Fishing for Life

A Wyoming teenager has lost hunting and fishing rights for life after pleading guilty to felony poaching for killing deer out of season.

Colton Lapp, 19, of Worland, is the first person in Wyoming to become a felon for poaching. He was charged with killing three antlered deer out of season.

“I think this is the exact case of why we pursued this legislation,” said Scott Werbelow, game warden supervisor in the Cody region who has dealt with parts of the Lapp case.

“He literally went out and poached five more deer within a couple of days after his previous conviction of a couple of other deer.”

Part of the agreement means Lapp cannot fish or hunt in 37 states and Wyoming for the rest of his life. He was sentenced to a “boot camp” program for one of the three counts and probation for the other two. Failure to successfully complete boot camp or probation could result in time in prison.

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