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Don’t Flinch … Try These Great Yogurt Venison Burgers

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, more grills will be fired up than usual as everyone heads out for a few days of fun, maybe some fishing or target shooting, and burgers! This venison recipe for Yogurt Venison Burgers offers a different take on the standard grilled venison burger. It...

Photo Gallery: Best of DDH Facebook February 2014

We get dozens of great big-buck photos posted to our Deer & Deer Hunting Facebook Page every month. We pulled just four of them here, capped by a monster posted by Chasing Trophy Whitetails back in 2012. Congrats all around! Click the photos above to enlarge. Visit our Facebook page for...

CCI Suppressor 22 LR

Photo Gallery: New 2014 Hunting Ammo

Here is a sampling of the new 2014 hunting ammo you'll see on store shelves this year. Look for new slugs for your smooth-barrel shotgun or your rifled-barrel shotgun, and plenty of new rifle bullets in all calibers.