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Bullet Performance

Must-See Video: Bullet Impacts, Wound Channels

Do you know what your hunting bullets do when they hit a big game target? Sure, they deliver energy and help you have a successful hunt if you make an accurate shot. But have you ever seen the bullets and the devastation they do upon impact and afterward? It’s pretty amazing. Check out this...

Deer Talk Now

Make Your Venison More Flavorful, Tender

Instead of grinding everything into burger and sausage, wild game chef Scott Leysath has some suggestions for making your venison taste better. How? By better preparation and a little tenderizing. Leysath also has some insights on field dressing, shanks, herbs and marinades, and more. Be sure to check out this episode of Deer Talk...

Picture 16

Are You Ready for Some Whitetails?

Featuring top experts discussing white-tailed deer, their habitat and their behavior, Deer & Deer Hunting TV returns this year for its ninth season. Veteran researcher and hunter Charles Alsheimer, big buck hunter Steve Bartylla, D&DH editor Dan Schmidt and others will provide keen insight as the program reaches its 100th episode — the benchmark...

Deer Talk Now

Deer Talk Now: Summer Tactics for Game Cameras

Mock scrapes, mineral licks and trail cameras are a great combination in summer to get a handle on the deer using your property. Mock scrapes in mid- or late-summer may seem early, but deer are curious and will check them out. Mineral licks may be more effective and useful for surveying, though. Check out...

Texas 6

Huge Texas 6 Point

Trent Marsh of Hawke Optics took this video of an outstanding 6-point buck during a Texas hunting trip in 2012. It’s always cool to see deer and wildlife, and this is one great buck!

Picture 38

Bizarre Deer Video: See Fawns Moving Inside Doe’s Womb!

Earlier this week, Deer & Deer Hunting Television Editor Tyler Dallmann captured what might be one of the only video clips available of whitetail fawns moving inside a doe’s womb. Dallmann captured the video on a Cuddeback Attack IR scouting camera. “We have been lucky to witness newborn fawns in our company’s courtyard each...