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Dan Byers of southeast Iowa with a gorgeous 200-incher! Wow!

Deer & Deer Hunting: The Best Bucks of 2014-15

Welcome to the Deer and Deer Hunting 2014-15 Buck Pole, where giant bucks from across the country are featured and deer hunters are celebrated. The bucks and hunters here are sent to us via email and also some of the hottest big bucks circulating on social media sites.¬†We’ll keep this post updated as new...

Marc Anthony Buck 2010

B&C, P&Y Respond to Marc Anthony Deer Controversy

Two of North America’s biggest antler-scoring organizations have spoken on the status of record bucks entered into their programs by embroiled Illinois bowhunter Marc Anthony. By Keri J. Butt One is hot on the trail, the other is taking a wait-and-see approach. Record-book entries for trophy deer allegedly killed by embroiled celebrity bowhunter Marc...


Could These Huge Mystery Sheds Be A Nontypical Whitetail Record?

Mysterious shed antlers always create some buzz and these magnificent pickups have whitetail hunters chattering away! We don’t have all the details in quite yet, but it appears that a lucky shed hunter from northern Wisconsin found these nontypical antlers near Rib Lake. That’s just outside of Wausau in the north-central part of the...