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We’ve invited some of our favorite deer hunters to join us in our blogs and share their amazing hunting experiences with you.

Deer Antler Sheds: Found One Today!

Shed Hunting Guest Blog #2 by Lon Sherman Greetings, fellow shed heads! I covered a lot of ground today. Found a small spike and a very small half of an assumed 6-point. Feet are aching, but it was a productive day. I also found a large, dead buck that had already shed his antlers....

Deer Antler Sheds: Diary of a Diehard

Shed Hunting Guest Blog #1 by Lon Sherman Whitetail deer hunting has been my passion for more than 50 years. However, I am now equally as addicted to searching for deer antler sheds. Why? Well, for starters, hunting for shed antlers is fun and legal! Where I live (Wisconsin), sheds are legally considered “forest...