Kristen Schmitt Blog: City Roots to Hunting Boots

Can you define locavore and the locavore movement? For Kristen Schmitt and her husband, it means moving from the city to the country and changing their lifestyle toward local organic food and a simpler lifestyle, and what better way than to start harvesting your own venison. Schmitt is a locavore about to begin bow hunting, learning about bow and arrow shooting, shooting her new Hoyt compound bow, and living off the land. Follow along as she learns about healthy living and the deer hunting lifestyle.


Locavore Blog: Year in Review

It’s amazing how much change can happen in only a year. Just look at me – I am the perfect example. A year ago today I was sized up for my first compound bow. I remember how excited and nervous I was to head out to the archery shop, having zero idea what to...

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Locavore Blog: Let’s Extend Vermont’s Bow Season!

After writing my last few posts, I started researching bow seasons and found out Vermont has the shortest bow season in the Northeast — lasting a mere 23 days this year! Neighboring states like New Hampshire and Connecticut have significantly longer seasons — lasting nearly twelve weeks! That doesn’t seem to give Vermont bowhunters a fair...


Locavore Blog: Staying Warm in a Tree Stand

Even though the Vermont days are bright and sunny, the air is still crisp and chilly with frosts settling in overnight, causing my dock to ice over each evening. We spent the weekend prepping for winter and spent most of Sunday continuing to stockpile wood for the long freezing days that lay ahead. by...


Locavore Blog: Favorite Venison Recipes

Anyone who reads this blog or Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine is already aware of how tasty fresh venison is. Not only is venison one of the leanest sources of red meat, but it is one of the best alternatives to commercial meat. This is meat from an animal that has never been domesticated,...

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Locavore Blog: Water Treatment Tips for Hunting in Back Country

While I’m hunting this season on my own property and a neighboring parcel, many other hunters travel to their special hunting spot. Bringing the right gear is important, but equally important is bringing enough healthy food (trail mix, energy bars, fruit, jerky) and water if you plan to spend more than a few hours in...

The Tenzing 1260 pack is light weight and easy to use for bow season.

Locavore Blog: My First Bow Season

I feel like every single blog post starts with another first for me and this one is really no different. I’m in the middle of my first bow season and enjoying it, despite the soggy weather during opening day and a few rainy mornings that have kept me indoors. I mean, if my chickens...