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Nugent: Lyme Alert!

What ticks carry Lyme disease

Pictured are ticks that carry diseases, including Lyme, that can transfer to humans after a bite. (Image courtesy of winkelman.com)

Don’t you just love slithering along the ground sneaking up on critters? Does your pure aboriginal instinct keep you grounded? Do you crave allthings down to earth? Did you wallow in Mother Nature’s puckerbrush this spring turkey season to much stimulating delight? Are you enjoying shed hunting in the summertime Spirit of the Wild hinterlands? How about those scrumptious, cherished morel mushrooms, wild asparagus, leeks and scallions back in our favorite bailiwick! Berries coming soon! Does your wildground celebration never end?

Beyond the pavement is where our hunter’s hearts are and where we get our biggest kicks in life, that’s for sure. But there is danger lurking in the outback that we must come to grips with more now than ever.

The dreaded Lyme disease is increasing like never before across North America, and instead of the tens of thousands of cases diagnosed just a few short years ago, now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates there are more than 3 MILLION cases out there each and every year.

With a history of misdiagnosis and consistent false positives for this deadly disease, Lyme represents a very serious threat for outdoor families everywhere.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

I could get all technical into the history, science and biology of Lyme, but suffice it to say, the bite of these nasty little ticks can wreak havoc on our outdoor lifestyle and life itself.

Know that the various ticks that carry and transmit the disease are at an all-time high, which makes the threat and danger at an all-time high, which of course demands our awareness to be at an all-time high as well.

Sadly, Lyme represents a major medical epidemic going on in the United States. Most sporters have heard of Lyme, but they don’t know that more than twice as many people are being diagnosed with Lyme annually than women with breast cancer. Nearly three times as many get Lyme than men and women do with colon cancer. Horror of horrors, one out of three adults who get Chronic Lyme are committing suicide. With teenagers, it’s closer to 50 percent. Seventy-two percent of the people are being misdiagnosed.

Six different Lyme illnesses can be fatal. In Minnesota and Wisconsin 79 percent of the deer ticks carry co-infections. 

Craig Engwall, of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association is a classic example. He has had Lyme three times, but the second time he also got Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis from the same bite. All three which can be fatal for humans and take different treatments. He can never give blood again because Babesiosis never goes away. 

The biggest problem is that there has not been any place in North America where folks can get comprehensive education about all Lyme illnesses, symptoms, culprits or solutions. 

That was true until February 1st, 2018. With the help of the best tick experts available in North America, our BloodBrother, legendary sporter Babe Winkelman put together 10 companies in a consortium to build the only “Tick-Borne Illness Information Center” in North America.  

The information is all there from a leading doctor, a tick diagnostic center and research labs and others. It’s FREE for everyone so we can educate ourselves and families and learn how to be tick free. Education is the only answer because fire is the only thing that effectively halts tick growth, and America has long since stopped controlled burning that was keeping them at bay. The tick center lives on Babe’s website at winkelman.com.

Keeping yourself tick free Is not expensive and easy to do once you learn how. Know that the ticks are out there waiting for a bloodmeal every day and that we have to do the right things right, EVERY DAY, to keep our families safe. We must be vigilante and it needs to become a regular daily routine when we go anywhere a tick can be found, which of course is everywhere

Outdoor folks of all types are at the highest risk, but so are the people who live in suburbs, go for a walk in a city park, or play a round of golf. Tick numbers are at an all-time high in all 50 states and most of Canada. According to the tick experts, we have trillions and trillions of ticks now. When a female deer tick lays 1,500 to 5,000 eggs and dies, we only lose one tick. Trillions live on! 

Great organizations are stepping up to educate the outdoor world. The NWTF, REMF, DU, QDMA, NWF, JWA, MDHA, Wildlife Forever, Great Days Outdoors, Whitetail forever, Game Fair and Benelli are all helping out with all they can, not only with mailings and postings but magazine articles, newsletters and social media.

NWTF is doing an episode for its television series. Get Outdoors TV and Wild TV are populating their networks with PSAs and other tools. Shemane and I will dedicate numerous episodes of Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV to Lyme awareness, prevention and treatment.

Quality of life begins and ends with quality health. Spread the word about this dreaded disease and visit Babe Winkelman’s website at www.Winkelman.com for details and updates.

Our beloved hunting/outdoor lifestyle is an all year-round adventure. Be educated, be alert, be aware.

For all things Nuge, visit tednugent.com.