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Ted Nugent: My Hunting Gear Checklist

The Nuge downed this big buck in the 2013 archery season with his Mathews Creed XS.

The Nuge downed this big buck in the 2013 archery season with his Mathews Creed XS.

I am bombarded with questions all the time about how I hunt, what gear I use and other fun classic deerhunting campfire chatter. You have to admit, us deerhunters are borderline psycho gearnuts, and I for one am damn proud of it!

This beyond the choir fascination with my hunting lifestyle erupted way back in the 1960s as I always celebrated my passion for the hunt in my nonstop rock-n-roll media interviews. While I was and continue to be attacked by the brain-dead lunatic fringe for my hunting, the vast majority of people, even in the wild rock-n-roll world have always been genuinely interested in what drives me to hunt.

As I saw the embarrassing curse of politically correct denial metastasizing across the land in the world of dopers and fleebs, I was compelled to turn up the promotional heat to counterpunch the animal rights freaks with facts, truth, science, evidence and common sense. Hell, squashing the enemy is way more fun that bagging a trophy buck, I assure you.

So instead of just waiting for the subject of hunting and guns to come up, I started initiating the dialog and elaborating on the joys, purity and conservation ethic of wildlife management and the simple perfection of sustain yield renewable venison. It is borderline merciless how I eviscerate the goofballs who dare attempt to argue or debate me. Now that’s entertainment/education at its finest my friends.

Then I kicked it up another notch by writing pieces for various sporting and conservative publications, blogs and websites. As I always say, it you’re going to do something you believe in, “wallpapercarpetbomb” away!

Let me be perfectly clear here so there is no misunderstanding or conflict of interest misperception. I do indeed have an allegiance, a loyalty to our Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television sponsors, who without, afterall, there would be no Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show.

That being said, I assure you that my hunting lifestyle is absolutely sacred, so there is no way I would ever endorse a product that I don’t absolutely believe in. Each and every product you see me use on TV is Ted tested, Ted abused, ultimately backstrap worthy, or there is no way I would use it.


With all due respect for all my much appreciated sponsors, I must emphasize that I have determined in my nonstop sporting goods test orgy, I am confident when I say that there are no inferior sporting products on the market today.

There are no bad guns, no bad bows, no bad ammo, no bad arrows, no bad optics, no bad boots, no bad clothing, no bad camo, no bad anything!

The demands of hardcore sporters and the industries’ gung-ho competitive spirit and dedication to research and development have created killer products in every imaginable category, so I always tell newcomers to experiment and find the stuff that feels good and you have confidence in.

I guarantee you that my experimentation never ends, and I fondle, test, abuse and destroy more sporting goods in a year than a whole herd of abusive hunters.

What fun!

Gold Tip Nuge Zebra ArrowBut here’s the current Uncle Ted BackStrap Assassin KillerGear of huntseason 2013-14

  • Mathews Creed bow at 45# draw weight
  • GoldTip Nuge zebra arrows in 5575 spine
  • Muzzy 85-grain two-blade and 100-grain four-blade 1-inch broadheads
  • Mossy Oak camo
  • Bushnell optics
  • TruFire release
  • Ted Nugent Ammo
  • Intimidator and Polaris 4-wheelers
  • Shadow Hunter blinds
  • Primos Double Bull blinds
  • Primos Swamp Donkey blocks and feed
  • Primos calls
  • Hunter Safety System fall-restraint vest
  • Block and GlenDel targets
  • Excalibur crossbows
  • Lumenok
  • Reed Custom gun safes
  • ThermaCell mosquito repellents and electric insoles
  • Walker’s Game Ears
  • Buck knives
  • Yeti coolers
  • Western River electronic gamecalls
  • Marathon seatcovers
  • LaCrosse and Irish Setter boots
  • Hunter’s Foot socks
  • TundraOffRoad.com truck setups
  • Doc’s scents and lures

Some of these outfits are sponsors, others are not. My hunting time is so important to me, that I diligently seek those worldclass quality products that maximize the quality of my outdoor time. Pragmatism101.

Testing and experimenting new gear is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the hunting life. Go for it. There you have my current list, but I’m confident it will change and be upgraded at regular intervals. I’m headed to my deerstand right now. Good hunting to all.

Godbless and Godspeed, American BloodBrothers,
Ted Nugent & family

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What’s on your gear list? Comment below.

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