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You want controversy? (Kate Beckinsale vs Megan Fox edition)

Well folks, I’m back.
I know I started this blog with a splash then disappeared for a week, but hey, I’m a magazine editor first and I had two publications deadlining. So for those who have been checking back every few hours – see I’m also a comedian – here’s some controversy for you. (No not that controversy)

For my own blog I’m going to steal a page from foodie bloggers (such as fellow wild game fan David Draper over at The Wild Chef) and start a Friday Food Fun feature. And since I promised controversy, here you go:

What’s the ultimate protein – wild whitetail or pork?

For those of you who are devout whitetail hunters, this might seem like a no-brainer. After all, how great is a nicely marinated venison tenderloin grilled to rare over hickory chunks? But then again, pork is worshiped by foodies from Seattle to Tokyo for good reason. I can’t imagine deer camp or Saturday mornings without bacon. Heck, would charcuterie even exist without pork fat? I don’t think so.

For me, this is the ultimate battle of good and evil: Kate Beckinsale vs. Megan Fox.
Kate Beckinsale vs Megan Fox
(Or in Mrs. Ethical Hunter’s case, Dave Annable vs. Colin Farrell.)

In other words, heart healthy, wholesome and sexy venison vs. the Sith Lord of arteries, sumptuous flavor and extreme protein decadence. Not such an easy choice anymore is it? I’ll come back around and weigh in on this myself, but first, your thoughts.

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  2. Guy

    why settle for less when you can have the best ! walking in the shadow allows the the offerings of both worlds kate has always been a night delight and megan eventually will fall into the shadow of the web for even the spider understands patients of a good hunt

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