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The United States of Hunting

Yowza! It’s hard to beat a great bow, a cool buck and November! In the off-season, however, practicing every day will help you be ready when the swamp donkey walks into range.

Ted Nugent has a dream where the whole of society looks to the hunting world for leadership in bringing civility to opposing politics including hunting.

Iconic actor and comedian George Lopez burst into my backstage dressing room in Los Angeles all aflutter and buoyant again recently, ready to rock-n-roll like he means it.

Intense laughter and lots of gorilla-like man-hugging erupted with the rock-solid thumps of manly high-fives and fist-pumping rock-n-roll camaraderie gone mad.

Ted and actor George Lopez have different political views but still enjoy civil conversation and each other’s company when they’re together.

George and his posse were here to celebrate the universal positive communication of killer rock-n-roll music. The upbeat energy in the place was so beautiful I could hardly stand it.

The runaway lovefest nearly brought a tear to my eye!

Old George is the poster boy of liberalism and the democrat party, yet here he was backstage with Ted Nugent, the loud-mouth poster boy for hardcore rightwing redneck allthings NRA, guns, hunting and conservative Republican we the people politics.

Though George and his friends and I good-naturedly tease each other about our opposing politics, never has there been a harsh word or mean spirited moment over the years when we rendezvous for our annual night of united American musical celebration.

At a time when America is so very contentiously divided on so many ideological and political issues, I am here to share how so many of us from both sides of the aisle can and do get along famously without a hint of incivility or anger when the American rock-n-roll soundtrack brings us together.

In my 69 years I have never witnessed such a dangerous degree of hate and violence in my beloved America, the worse examples always emanating from the left. My life has been threatened too many times to count going back to the 1960s for the absurd reason that I am a hunter and NRA member.

Meeting our great military veterans, such as this survivor of World War II, is one thing Ted enjoys greatly, as well as thanking them for their service.

As we cling to the critical soul cleansing Great Escape of our outdoor lifestyle, we do so more and more these days to get away from the intensity of our everyday lives and the increasingly heated politics and the unacceptable viciousness that goes with it.

Sadly, such embarrassing and mindless hate and viciousness does not only come from the hunter haters and gun-grabbers out there. Horrifically and heartbreakingly, some of the worst of the worst comes directly from within our own hunting community in the form of elitism, judgmentalism and petty, unfounded jealousy.

I don’t have to categorize or detail the many and absurd forms that such insanity materializes, as we have all witnessed it in one way or another at some time in our lives. It’s ugly, irrational, unnecessary, counterproductive and just downright inexcusable and foolish beyond words.

My goal and belief is that just by those of you reading this reaching out and initiating an intelligent, sincere dialog with all the hunters and outdoorsmen in our lives, we can push back effectively and put an end to this cannibalism in our beloved sporting BloodBrotherhood.

Feebly attempting to find fault with someone else’s choice of gear or hunting methodology is pure folly and represents one of mankind’s most petty and embarrassing failures.

Among Ted’s friends in the music community is Rodney Carrington, who also loves the outdoors.

When I hear of a fellow hunter poking fun at or outright condemning another hunter’s choice or hunting style, I am hearing the exact same anti-hunting rhetorical nonsense that I hear from the animal rights freaks that mindlessly hate all of us.

It is up to the smarter, more sophisticated amongst us to put an end to this buffoonery once and for all.

We have all seen and heard it at one time or another and we must no longer tolerate it. Step up and speak up. Explain to these petty, ignorant fools how insane it is to parrot the hate of those who would ban our sport altogether if they could, and how the enemies of hunting rejoice when hunters turn on their fellow hunters.

Stupid is as stupid does, but if we forcefully condemn such inbreeding, we can all join forces to go a long way in ending this curse within.

At the 1000s and 1000s of hunting campfires that I have been blessed to share with the finest hunting families the world has to offer, we all agree that our hunting lifestyle is surely the conservation model God had in mind for real hands-on environmental stewardship of our precious renewable wildlife resources.

WATCH: Ted Arrows a Texas Buck, Goes Live on Social Media! 

Fan the flames of this perfect tooth, fang and claw organic lifestyle by pushing harder to maximize the good while we whittle away at this glaring bad and ugly element of our world.

I have a dream where the whole of society looks to the hunting world for leadership in bringing civility to opposing politics. I have recently shouted my commitment to do so from the media mountaintop, and if the firebreathing Motorcity Madman can do it, certainly anybody and everybody can do it.

Do it like you mean it. Lead by example. Upgrade is ours! United we stand! The United States of Hunting!

With more than 40 million albums sold, rock legend Ted Nugent is equally well known as the nation’s most outspoken proponent of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, conducting thousands of pro-gun, pro-freedom, pro-American interviews in major media worldwide. Nugent is a New York Times best-selling author whose works include “Ted, White & Blue —The Nugent Manifesto;” “God, Guns & Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Kill It & Grill It.” This year, his award-winning Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show celebrates its 500th episode!  For allthings Nuge, visit www.tednugent.com


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