New Deer Management Show: Grow ’em Big With Steve Bartylla

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.23.44 AMEPISODE 1. Whether you hunt 20 acres or 2,000, you can better manage that land for trophy whitetails through the tips, tactics and cutting-edge insights included in the new online show Grow ’em Big with Steve Bartylla. If you like deer, and are looking for the best deer management tips, this deer management show is for you.


Grow ’em Big is a new deer management show hosted by Steve Bartylla and will run bi-weekly at The info-packed show will provide top-end management techniques Bartylla has honed during his 25-plus years of managing some of North America’s premier deer hunting properties. The end result is a show designed to make your hunting easier through proven and efficient land-management practices.

Bartylla, one of the country’s best-known experts on land and habitat management, will provide in-depth, proven methods for managing deer and local habitat to help fellow whitetail hunters take their land and resident deer population to a higher, more productive level. Each episode is designed to help hunters learn how to grow bigger deer on their own property and harvest those animals. Grow ’em Big will also show how these management acts can be tailored to producing extremely low impact, high reward stand sites.

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In each episode Bartylla will take viewers along to reveal exactly what he does to improve habitat and hunting opportunities. The work he demonstrates will be easy for any viewer to implement on his or her own property simply by watching his video instructions. Bartylla goes the extra mile in his show to back up the effectiveness of his tips by sharing video footage of how bucks, does and fawns react to each improvement.

Grow ’em Big episodes also will include top-shelf information that can be applied to any land management program. Topics such as food plot creation, design and sustainability; forest management tactics for big-buck bedding areas; mineral sites that deer actually use; scent control methods that fool mature bucks; and treestand and ground blind placement for optimal hunting success will be covered in detail during every show.

Bartylla is widely considered to be one of the top private-land whitetail managers in North America. His outdoor writing credits include hundreds of bylines in magazines such as Deer & Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, Buckmasters and Whitetail Journal. He is also a co-host for Deer & Deer Hunting TV, the No. 1 rated prime-time hunting program last fall on NBC Sports.

To watch the first episode of Grow ’em Big, click here.


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