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Tips for Hunting in Any Weather

The Fall Forecast: Big Bucks Coming Your Way!

As you’ve driven around this week are you noticing the subtle changes in the weather? Have you seen the first nip of color coming to the maples? Or how about that faint chill in the evening air?  As you read this, deer behavior is being influenced by the weather. But how, you ask?

As hunters we know the weather is an important factor in influencing deer behavior. We’ve heard it from our elders whose knowledge of weather lore sometimes seems endless. But what should we believe?  We’ve all heard things like this: “It’s raining so the deer will be……..” or “The wind is out of the east so we should…..”

We spend lots of money every year to get the latest and greatest gear but we often lack a basic knowledge of how weather affects deer or how we can use the weather to be more successful in hunting. Trophy Bucks in Any Weather is a welcome resource for the hunter who wants the extra edge in taking trophy deer.

Author Dan Carlson debunks the myths and, in a straightforward, entertaining style, guides you to a basic understanding of meteorology and a working knowledge of how wind, temperature, air pressure and precipitation affect whitetails. You’ll hunt smarter and be more successful after reading Trophy Bucks in Any Weather.

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