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Top 10 Bowhunting Products for Women in 2018, No. 1

Gone are the days of using oversized, hand-me-down hunting gear from your dad or brothers, as many companies now make great bowhunting gear specifically for women. Deer & Deer Hunting's Brittany Jill shares her Top 10 favorites pieces of bowhunting gear for women.

VIDEO: Hot Bowhunting Products for 2018, Part 3

Day 3 of the ATA Trade Show is wrapped up and the DDH team has uncovered even more exciting new gear for 2018. View the features of the hottest new bowhunting gear from The Original Muck Boot Company, Cuddeback Digital, Carbon Express Arrows and New Archery Products.

Late-Season Hunting: Be Better When It’s Bitter

Who’s out there hunting late-season whitetails right now? This is a magical time of the deer season, no doubt, especially in areas with snow cover. Just seeing a fresh deer track puts the hair on the back of my neck on end. Always has. Always will. It’s fun to speculate on...