Deer Huntress

Hunter Nicole McClain gives her 5 tips for a stress free hunt

Nicole McClain: 5 Easy Tips for a Stress-free Hunt

1. Leave the un-necessities at camp Do you really need to take your gut hook and gloves to your treestand or hunting blind? Do you need two doe bleats and two buck calls? I’m a person who makes sure the bases of planning are covered, like taking a headlamp and a mini-light, but I...

Nicole McClain gives her niece her very first compound bow as a birthday gift

Nicole McClain: Replacing a Child’s iPhone With a Compound Bow

As hunters, patriots, and parents, we have an obligatory educational, judicial, and historical responsibility to the generations after us. We can’t rely on Disney’s Bambi to teach the importance and straight-forward story of hunting, gun ownership and archery, and we can’t let our children (or nieces and nephews) replace the outdoors ­­­with a constant...


The Deer Huntress: Ode to a Squirrel

This freezing evening is perfect for a good, fruitful hunt. My broadheads are sharp, perfect points, my bow hangs in wait, my shaking limbs have ceased their tremors for I am ready for venison, for backstrap, for chili, for tacos — for the freest of wild game.   Hours tick by and as the...