Planting Calendar Offers Advice on Plants, Timing

Curious about when to plant certain things for wildlife?

The Wildwood Genetics Planting Calendar, available under the “Advice” section at and at Wildwood Genetics dealers, helps make sure you know when and what to plant.

This easy-to-use calendar provides planting information for a variety of crops and feed, including the planting rate of each entry and what types of wildlife prefer it.

To plant something in autumn, for example, for white-tailed deer or turkeys, the calendar offers advice on your area and specific plants. One possibility could be Wildwood Genetics Crimson Clover, a cool-season annual legume, between Sept. 1 and Oct. 15, for optimal growth, at 20 to 30 pounds per acre. You might even attract ducks, doves and quail with this seed, according to the calendar.

Or, you could plant Wildwood Genetics Super Plot, a three-way blend of wheat, oats and winter peas, between Sept. 15 and Nov. 1, for optimal growth, at 100 pounds per acre. All of this information is provided in the Planting Calendar.

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