Tips for Hunting Smarter

As the days shorten and the kids head back to school, you’re likely thinking about the upcoming hunting season. There’s always a rash of new products that are designed to make your hunt safer, easier and more productive. Chances are you’ll be looking at magazines and web reviews before making that trip to the sporting goods store and stocking up on the new delights.

Hunters are notoriously well-prepared. Guns need to be sighted, equipment cleaned, stands constructed and land scouted. And whether there to fill their freezer or add to the trophy room hunters all want the same thing: a successful kill.

But have you thought of a way to make your hunt smarter? How about a product that will absolutely give you the edge when it comes to the behavior of the slippery whitetail? Whitetail Advantage by Dr. David Samuel and Robert Zaiglin, is a one-stop-shop for hard evidence about why deer do what they do and how you can react and bag the big one.

Whitetail Advantage is the result of a lifetime of work from Zaiglin and Samuel who sought to find out what makes deer tick. And find out they did; there are chapters on deer body language, reading scrapes, what deer see, what they smell, what triggers the rut and many other topics that you can put to use immediately.

So go ahead, try the new products, buy the ones you like but don’t leave home without a better understanding of what influences whitetail behavior. Buy Whitetail Advantage and give yourself the advantage this deer season.

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