WATCH: Giant Buck Breeds Doe, Hunter Makes Great Shot

We get to see some cool and sometimes crazy things in the woods while deer hunting, but it’s not too often that a hunter sees what J.B. Mobley watched a few years ago.

Mobley was hunting and saw a buck following a doe. She finally stopped and allowed the giant buck to breed her. Some deer hunters go all their lives and don’t witness this part of wildlife biology.

But then the big buck, and it really is a good one, presented Mobley with a great broadside shot. Take a look at the video to see what happened next!


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2 thoughts on “WATCH: Giant Buck Breeds Doe, Hunter Makes Great Shot

  1. VAWhiteTailHunter76

    I’ve seen this once…..but under far different circumstances than the hunter above. I had come back to the house from hunting when I heard shots, coming from the rear of my property. When I went outside, deer were running thru my pasture field headed to the woods. Someone had shot at them in a neighbor’s field. The doe stopped about 100 yds away and the buck immediately mounted her even though the idiot was still shooting at them from 200-300 yds away. The doe was smarter than the buck and didn’t stand very long before she took off again for the woods with the buck in close pursuit. Never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Talk about desperate for sex, this big boy had a bad case of it.

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