Brittney’s Modeling Meshes With Her Love of Deer Hunting

Brittney Leigh Glaze of Georgia grew up enjoying the outdoors and now combines that passion with her modeling career.

BritneyIADHphoto1She’s handled modeling assignments for many outdoors shoots involving the beach, boats, bass, bows, camo and more. Glaze loves the assignments and making sure the photographers get the right shots, but when she has time she’s a country girl at heart. Hitting the woods, enjoying a fishing trip or just watching the stars on a calm summer night from a porch swing are favorites.

Here is her “I’m A Deer Hunter” feature from Deer & Deer Hunting:

You could say that I get to travel the world, have fun and meet amazing people all while getting paid. I have to say I’m truly blessed to have such an awesome job. I have been modeling for eight years and want to pursue it as long as I can. My schedule is super busy. I’m constantly traveling, doing photo shoots and spokes-modeling for different companies. When I have free time I love to hunt and fish.

My Granny and Paw Paw taught me to fish at our lake house. That’s where my love for the outdoors started. I love to camp, ride four-wheelers, and just enjoy Mother Nature. I was always interested in hunting, but my dad isn’t a hunter so I never really had anybody to take me. I went deer hunting for the first time when I was 14. I sat in a stand all dressed in camo with a gun and fell in love with this lifestyle.

I bought my first rifle on my first date with my boyfriend. It was the best first date ever! I got a camo Remington .270 Model 700 from Bass Pro and put a Nikon scope on it. It’s my pride and joy. If I could fit ii in my purse, I’d carry it!

Although rifle hunting is my favorite activity, I just recently got into archery. I can’t wait to get my first deer with a bow and arrow.

The story of my first deer is kind of funny. I was introduced to the guy who is now my boyfriend. He asked me on a date, and I told him, “Yes … as long as you meet me at Bass Pro Shops.” I was already planning on buying my own rifle because I was tired of asking to borrow guns to hunt with. I bought my gun on that “date,” and we hit it off. He then invited me to deer camp the next day. We hunted all day for three days, and then on Friday I killed my first deer.Britneywithdeer

We were in the stand talking, trying to get to know each other, when a deer appeared. It was just a spike buck, so I didn’t know if I wanted it, but he told me to go ahead and shoot since it would be my first deer. I was all excited and couldn’t breathe! I aimed, shot, and he dropped! I never even heard the gun go off. Never in my life have I felt such an awesome feeling.

Every hunter loves that rush, but what I enjoy about the whole process is just sitting in a stand and enjoying what God created for us. I’m away from work, away from people, and I get to sit and be one with myself, one with nature, and most of all one with God. It’s a very peaceful place to be and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than in a deer stand.

My modeling friends can’t believe I hunt and actually kill animals. What they don’t understand is that I’m not a murderer; I actually kill for food. But as you know, most models don’t eat meat so they don’t understand. That’s OK, because I am who I am, and I don’t plan to change.