GEAR  Natural Rock Mighty Deer Lick

Hot Gear: Mighty Deer Lick Provides Essential Minerals

Ted and Steve Janke of Powers, Mich., founders of the Mighty Deer Lick and pioneers of the commercial deer feed industry, have launched a new product: Mighty Deer Natural Rock. The new Mighty Deer Natural Rock product is produced from 100 percent pure, natural organic, rock salt. Deer, wildlife and domestic animals love it and...

DEER   Mineral site

It’s Time to Get Moving on Mineral Sites for Deer

If you want your local deer herd to benefit from a mineral site, now is the time to get one established. According to D&DH contributing editor Matt Harper, in whitetail’s spring and summer, the whitetail’s mineral and vitamin needs spike dramatically. “This is due to the physical condition of the deer,” Harper said. “For example, the...


Manage Deer Food Sources Carefully in Drought Conditions

Antler quality parallels the nutrition status of a deer’s diet, which is composed of a variety of succulents, particularly forbs and brush species. Although nutritionally strong and highly digestible, forbs occur primarily in spring and occasionally, depending on rainfall, throughout the year. By Bob Zaiglin Protein-fortified forbs grow antlers, but brush sustains deer. During...