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TenPoint Nitro X Hunting Crossbow

New Deer Hunting Crossbow: TenPoint Nitro X

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ New 2018 Nitro X is the company's fastest and smallest hunting crossbow. Measuring an ultra-narrow 7 inches wide, the Nitro X unleashes speeds up to 440 feet-per-second, generating 166 foot-pounds of kinetic energy and excellent down-range accuracy.

Why Crossbow Hunting Food Plots is your Best Option

It’s that time of the year again. Turkey season is in and a lot of people all over the country are working on the installation and planting of food plots in preparation for the upcoming deer season. We do whatever it takes to prepare these food plots properly to increase the...

Why Crossbows Are Your Best Turkey Hunting Tool

Thanks to the tremendous conservation efforts of wonder organizations such as the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), thousands of hunters across this great land prepare their arsenal for spring turkey hunting season. Growing in popularity, now more than ever, is taking to the green springtime woods to chase gobblers with the...