turkey hunting

Mark Drury's camera caught this trespasser. The face has been blurred. Game cameras placed in strategic locations high in trees, at angles, or hidden well, may offer landowners a great benefit to catch trespassers and poachers.

Trespassers, Poachers Caught On Game Cameras

Back a few years ago when game cameras started becoming more popular, manufacturers began hearing stories about getting photos of trespassers, poachers and other slimebag criminals stealing stuff. By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Some of the stories were comical. Trespassers looking directly at the camera but not realizing it was there, giving the landowner...

Being in the right place is a key, but sometimes hunters have to try multiple calls to get a gobbler to respond. (Photo: Stephen Bauer/NWTF)

Talking Turkey Sometimes Takes Strange Twists, Turns With Calls

It’s always been amazing to me how turkeys respond to a hunter’s call after two or maybe three, or more, have been tried with the hope of getting a response. By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Turkey hunting and deer hunting have several similarities. Hunters have to put themselves in the right place to increase...


Turkeys In The Snow?

Saw zero birds on Wednesday, seven toms and a jake (Thursday), no interest in my decoys. Last Saturday, daylight until noon, I had three jakes in decoys; they left and I called them back. Too bad for one of them. Took a short walk and found half of an 8-point, last year’s shed. How...