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Hunting public land requires dedication, commitment and research if you want to be successful. (Photo: Gordy J. Krahn)

Millions of Acres Await Diehard Deer, Turkey Hunters

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard other hunters say they don’t hunt public land. The excuses are many: It’s too crowded. It’s too dangerous. There are too many fools out there who interfere with the birds you’re working. Yeah, well, nothing’s perfect. If you can line up good private land for...

Turkey is great with different vegetables or recipes, from this herbed breast with mushroom gravy from Betty Crocker to wild birds you've dolled up with your own recipes!

From the Turkey Woods to Your Table

Domestic and wild turkeys actually have very little in common — one was bred for the table and the other evolved to escape predators. No, the wild turkey is in a category of its own, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great on the plate. It just takes a little different care, from the...

Cord Maddox of Huntington, Tenn., with his potential state record turkey killed in April 2017.

Incredible Spurs Lead to Potential State Record Turkey

The size is remarkable. The spurs, well, they’re literally eye-popping once you see them Record book turkeys will make hunters drool and dream. And in a year with some remarkable fishing records being set along with a world record non-typical deer killed in November 2016, the potential Tennessee record turkey adds another chapter to the...

The Firminator's 3-in-1 system lets you turn soil, apply seed and fertilizer, and then cutlipack all in one pass.

Plan Now for Your Best Warm-Season Food Plots

Most hunters who think of food plots think of deer hunting on or near cool-season plots in the fall. But warm season plots, those with plants that provide high protein and nutrients in the spring and summer, are vitally important to game animals.

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Turkey Bonus: Why Do Turkeys Have These Weird Things?

The wild turkey is hailed by many as our nation’s favorite game bird — although waterfowl and upland hunters might have an argument or two about that. Barrels of ink and terabytes of data have been written about the five wild turkey subspecies found from Maine to Mexico, Florida to Washington state. If you’re...

TURKEY Eddie Salter for Flextone

Hot Gear: Scream, Be Subtle with New Glass, Slate Calls

“The Turkey Man”, Eddie Salter, has hunted turkeys for over 50 years and has won two World Turkey Calling Championships and multiple local, state and regional competitions. His hit Sportsman Channel show, Turkey Man, brings a new level of real-life excitement to turkey hunting TV, taking viewers along during his passion-filled pursuit of wild...

Whether you're in the stand during hunting season or at the range in summer having fun zeroing a scope, always remember the rules of firearm safety and be aware of your surroundings.

With Your Deer Rifle or Favorite Plinker, Always Be Safe

Once deer season ends folks usually take a bit of a breather and decompress from what may have been an enjoyable or uneventful few months in the woods. Putting away the gear, reflecting on the season and thinking about next year — even if it’s seven or eight months away — is a good...

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Spring Into Action with Turkey & Turkey Hunting Magazine

With spring turkey seasons quickly approaching, what better way to scratch your turkey-hunting itch than to thumb through the information-packed 2017 April Issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine? Inside you’ll get top-shelf instruction from the pros on how to improve your hunting skills, as well the inside scoop on the best turkey hunting...

TURKEY  Lynch Mob turkey calls

Turkey Bonus: Master Your Calls

Choosing a specific type of turkey call is a personal preference as well as a test of proficiency. Some hunters can operate certain designs better than others. Some styles offer features that are appealing when it comes to maintenance, convenience, storage and transport. Other designs are simply selected based on fit, feel and function....

Deer and turkeys often hang out together because they enjoy the same areas and food.

Turkey Bonus: Cool Must-See Game Camera Photos

Game cameras are wonderful for giving us glimpses of what’s going on in the woods and on food plots. Whether it’s a big buck, young bucks and does, or deer, turkeys and other wildlife, we love taking a look at game camera images. Maximize Your Deer Season Planning From Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine,...