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Success with the Rio in Texas!

Turkey Tuesday: Grand Slam Quest Begins in Texas

Editor’s Note: This is the first of four parts of one turkey hunter’s quest for the Grand Slam, a journey that takes him throughout the country as he seeks to fulfill his dream of hunting and killing the four U.S. turkey subspecies: Rio, Merriam’s, Eastern and Osceola. Slammed! Part One I was a relative latecomer...

Turkey hunters with Avian-X decoy

Lifelike Turkey Decoys Make Gobblers Take Second Look

The first time I saw an Avian-X turkey decoy was in spring 2012 on a hunt down in south Alabama and I was flat-out gobsmacked at how good the hen looked in the field. We were doing a turkey bowhunt with Nu-Fletch and Avian-X contributed some decoys. Holy smokes, did those hens look realistic....

Buckeye is one of the first plants to bloom in spring in Alabama and one of the prettiest.

Turkey Tuesday: Signs of Spring, Predation and History

I’m fortunate to have a good friend with property who lets me hunt there a few times each season, and after several years I’ve learned a lot about the terrain and turkeys. In short, I think his Alabama turkeys have lockjaw. They are among the most quiet birds I’ve ever encountered. I know they...