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Spicy Meatball Recipe

Make These Venison Meatballs for Thanksgiving Appetizers

When Uncle Claude and Aunt Gertie show up, you know they’re going to be hungry after driving the land yacht over the river and through the woods for the annual Thanksgiving feast. She’ll rumble into the kitchen looking to “help out a bit” and he’ll be hungry, eyeballing anything and everything to rid the...

VENISON  Fast Venison Chili Leysath

Hit a Home Run With This Fast Venison Chili

Sporting Chef Scott Leysath says this Fast Venison Chili is pretty doggone easy to make and tasty, too. Considering he travels around the country as one of the most in-demand chefs for special events, trade shows, and Sportsman Channel Hunt.Fish.Feed events. Oh, and he hosts the successful show “Dead Meat” on Sportsman Channel, one...

Tacos Carnitas can be made with shredded beef, like these, or venison if you have some deer meat in the freezer. They're great! (Photo: Jess Lander/Wikipedia)

Enjoy Holiday Cheer With a New Year’s Venison Feast

Time is on your side this week, with two holidays hitting on Thursdays and giving us long weekends to relax, enjoy family and friends, go deer hunting and eat like kings for a few days. Yes, eat like kings! Huzzah! Pile on the meats and cheeses, break off the necks of bottles of ale...