WATCH: The Coolest Father’s Day Breakfast Ever!

Well, this is just too darn cool to even try to describe, isn’t it? Right? Amirite?

Mother’s Day finds kiddos and daddyos bringing breakfast in bed with flowers and cards. Do dads get breakfast in bed? Usually not! What’s the deal, y’all? C’mon! Dads need breakfast in bed, too, and pancakes with bacon is a super-duper idea.

The bacon’s the easy part. Maybe you can make pancakes like Dancakes does in this video with some practice. A lot of practice. Wow, very cool!

But if you can’t make pancakes, give dad some love this weekend by making these super venison burgers.Try others from our popular We Kill It, We Grill It cookbook that has a super selection of venison recipes.

Venison Burgers
1/2 stick butter or substitute
Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

Make a sauce that is deep enough to cover 3/4 of each steak slice by first melting the butter. Then pour inWorcestershire sauce until butter turns color of milk chocolate. Add to the sauce diced onions, garlic, salt and pepper. Cook. Place sauce over top of grilled venison burgers.


Break Out of Your Routine and Try Some Great Venison Recipes!

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