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Celebrate Every Day With All You’ve Got!

HoHoHoHo boys and girls! Merry Merry Christmas to you all! Tiz the season to be jolly by golly and if your old Uncle Ted was any jollier at this point in December, I’d burst right here and now before your very eyeballs and explode my ever lovin’ venison infested guts all over the place.

By Ted Nugent

And as precious as that would be, I better not because the impetus of my overjoy hinges on the fact that I, like so many other gungho deernuts like myself out here, we still have a whole lotta amazing deerhunting to do in many parts of the country before we wrap-up this glorious deerseason 2014/2015.

Somebody yell it loud and proud like you mean it; HALLELUJAH HALLELJUAH, Good Lord almighty, backstrap HALLELUJAH forever!

It is just one week before we good people celebrate the birth of Jesus, and I for one have been celebrating nonstop for 66 years! I know the big moment in December is indeed Christmas Day, but I’m here to tell you, this very special winter month may very well be the best deerhunting month of the year.

Ted with buckI know my South Texas compadres look forward ultimately to the crazed Gonzo rut yet to come in the New Year, but December is as killer as killer gets. I’m at it every day here in the deergrounds of the Texas Hill Country, and my son Toby and all our buddies are still pushing hard across the Midwest and beyond.

Never giveup guys and gals! Give yourself the ultimate Christmas present and put that aging tag on a beast over the Holidays! It does indeed represent one of God’s most precious gifts of meat, hide, bone, hooves, tools, clothing, shelter, medicine and unlimited spirit the planet has to offer.

Go for it! I am!

Which brings me to the essence of NugeBlog#68-the ultimate Christmas gifts of serious love; deer products!

Shemane and Ted celebrate every day to the fullest!

Shemane and Ted celebrate every day to the fullest!

My wife, kids and grandkids, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, bandmates, employees, hunting buddies, more charities than I have room to name here and numerous recipients of undying gratitude truly cherish the most unique gifts ever known.

I give away venison, beautiful hides, bleached skulls, antlers, horns, bones, gunracks made of legs and hooves, cool as hell trinkets and carvings from assorted herbivorific anatomical parts, and such hard earned gifts have never failed to produce many a gushing joyous rise and awe from those on the receiving end.

And here’s the clincher; my system of shopping is 100% awe inspiring fun, for I dread, avoid and circumvent malls and cityscape commercial establishments like the plague, for you see, all my shopping is done from a treestand or groundblind, or from stealthy skulking through the magical, mystical forests, swamps, marshes, deserts and wildlife magiclands of my hunting dreams, all the while pursuing those outrageously special gifts as only a diehard hunter can.

Did I mention Glory Glory Hallelujah! I think I did.

When a doe needs to hit the ground, it's more backstraps and meat for the grill!

When a doe needs to hit the ground, it’s more backstraps and meat for the grill!

And don’t forget our fellow Americans in need. With all these wonderful hunter organized venison sharing charities like Hunters for the Hungry, Sportsmen Against Hunger, Hunters and Farmers Feeding the Hungry, Help Us Stop Hunger and so many others, nothing projects caring and love at this or any time of year like the most appreciated gift of pure, organic, free range, ultra-delicious venison to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters across America.

If it’s the thought that counts, nothing is more sincere than a hard earned gift of wildlife flesh that we worked so darn hard and sacrificed so dearly to procure with all those early morning, long night vigils, many hours after long hours, day after day, grueling week after grueling  week after week, patience testing month after month, practicing, scouting, strategizing, maneuvering, ambushing, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, killing, tracking, gutting, cleaning, dragging, skinning, aging, butchering, and handling with ever loving dedicated care for the sacred flesh we worked so hard to bag, then gladly sharing with our fellow Americans.

Christmas is one week away, but celebrate it every day with all you got, and give it all you got for all the people in your life.

Hunters are special, and our gifts are even more special. Spread the joy. Spread the venison. Spread the love!

Merry Merry Christmas my BloodBrothers. May the remaining hunting season and Holiday Season be the best of your lives. See you on facebook/tednugent to keep the spirit roaring like a hunting bonfire of predator joy!

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