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Communication is the Vehicle for All Upgrade

Ted NugentDeeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog#50! August 15, 2014. Are you kidding me? How wild is that!

So let me see if I’ve got this right; you expect me to believe that this here over-the-top, hyper-everything, author of Wango Tango and My Love Is Like A Tire Iron, is actually hired to and capable of writing somewhat cognizant, occasionally cohesive thoughts and mysteriously understandable sentences for a classy, professional publication aimed at educated, sophisticated die hard deerhunters, and actually make sense in the process?

By Ted Nugent

This is what you expect me to believe? Seriously?

You would think I have enough exciting things going on in my hyperactive life to keep the old MotorCity guitarboy adequately occupied and busy enough without having to whip out a few hundred words each week for a deerhunting website.

But alas, my fellow Natty Bumpos, next to God, family, country, rock-n-roll and hunting overall, my love for deer and deerhunting is rivaled forcefully by my love of constant quality of life upgrade and the critical communication in pursuit thereof.

At my halfway mark to 100 NugeBlogs here, I sincerely wish to thank Deer and Deer Hunting magazine editor Dan Schmidt and his bosses for their status quo busting vision and courage in unleashing me here at this very important electronic campfire of gungho deerhunting BloodBrothers.

Let the big dogs run, indeed.

Ted Nugent loves hunting exotic game like this axis buck.

Ted Nugent loves hunting exotic game like this axis buck.

We are all well aware that in this world of mass technological electronic communication and the crazed world of political correctness exasperated by a runaway dishonest hunter-hating mainstream media that I am a highly contentious and controversial guy, so Dan’s decision and fight on my behalf is appreciated more than he may ever know.

To all my many supporters out there, thank you for believing in me and allowing me to speak on your behalf, when I do.

Nothing I believe or write about came about or exists due to hunches, guesswork or presumptions. I live and breathe the pure science of tooth, fang and claw real world hunting and the self-evident truth based commonsense of hands-on conservation and resource stewardship that the vast majority of hunting families around the world adhere to and live.

Hence the controversy and divisiveness.

If I would have taken the advice of my professional music career managers 50 some years ago, I could have been just like all the other musicians and entertainers out there. I could have stood for nothing, hung out with weak celebrities, smoked their dope and drank their liquor and stood for absolutely nothing other than self-centered, pathetic, braindead debauchery.

Fat chance.

I saw this culture war building savage hate for hunters and gun owners way back in the not so roaring 1960s and I immediately shot back, proud to be raised a hunter and damn proud to believe in our sacred Second Amendment guarantee to our God given individual right to keep and bear arms.

As I said, hencethe controversy and divisiveness.

Those that don’t agree with me should take a deep breath, pause, and examine your motives, thought processes and criticisms, for all my hunting is based on the time honored natural, legal, ethical and proven traditional sustain yield hunter-gatherer lifestyles, as pure as the driven snow.

Those that find fault with my delivery are obviously passion challenged, and should just try to relax and respect individual styles and personalities.

To the sad haters in our own hunting community, know one thing; when you hate me, you hate the record number of hunting families that I draw at sporting events, and the majority of hunting families who happen to vote Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television show on Outdoor Channel the number one viewer favorite year after year.

You can’t please everybody and I sure as heck don’t want to please haters.

I also want to thank my editor here, Alan Clemons, for helping me with my NugeBlogs and the technology I am so helpless with to make my blogs appear professional.

Some don’t believe I actually write all this stuff myself, but anyone who has followed my writings for the past 40 or so years, including my two New York Times Best Sellers, “God, Guns & Rock-N-Roll” and “Ted White & Blue – The Nugent Manifesto”, along with “Kill It & Grill It” and “BloodTrails II – The Truth About Bowhunting” know that I have no ghost writers. It’s all little old, creative wordsmithing me.

I do all this for one reason and one reason only: to promote and further fortify our beloved hunting lifestyle in a world where we are attacked by haters and liars and anti-American, anti-nature crazies who are so ignorant and rotten as to go berserk trying to end the most successful wildlife management methodology in the history of the world. I drive them batty.

So a word to the wise; communication is the key for our future.

Not only will open, unafraid communication amongst ourselves help each of us become better hunters, but aggressive, friendly communication beyond the choir will educate and galvanize support for hunting as conservation the more we share the hands on proven science of our lifestyle.

In a world where so many people have never heard the once universal colloquialism of tooth, fang and claw, or were ever taught why Thanksgiving is celebrated toward the end of the natural annual hunting season, we certainly have our work cut out for us to counterpunch the abject failure of the American education system, but worse, much worse, the 50+ years of vicious, dishonest anti-hunting, anti-science propaganda forced down America’s throats by a weird, freedom-hating media that better qualifies as a propaganda ministry.

So Happy August 15 ya all! Thanks for hanging with me here. Glad to have you. Join me every day at facebook/tednugent, on twitter at on my tednugent.com website.

Ted Nugent has been rocking for more than 50 years and always celebrates America on Memorial Day weekend.

Ted Nugent has been rocking for more than 50 years.

I will once again mount the rock-n-roll stage tonight in Biloxi Mississippi for my 3rd-from-last rockout on my SHUTUP&JAM! 2014 dream tour. I will meet with more than 30 heroes of the US Military along with some special needs kids, fellow hunters and an assortment of great Americans.

We rock Ft. Worth TX Saturday, then our final rockout in Midland TX, a gungho roustabout fundraiser for the Show of Support military charity that takes our hero warriors on hunting trips. The planets will surely align tonight, and an overload of SpiritWild will permeate the place, I assure you.

My nostrils flare uncontrollably with the exciting aroma of huntseason 2014, and I hope you are all practicing diligently with your bows and crossbows and firearms in anticipation of the best hunting season of our lives. Godspeed and Godbless the hunters one and all. Godbless America. Godbless the deer!

For more about Ted’s music, tour and news, visit his website here.

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