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Ted Nugent: The Voice of America’s Hunters?

Ted shot this monster in Texas in December.

Ted shot this monster in Texas in December.

The recent flareup caused us to ask ourselves …

Is Ted Nugent the Voice of America’s Hunters?

Ted discusses that in this blog post in which he praises all manners and methods of hunting. Read Ted’s blog post, then comment below – did these Ted Nugent quotes represent hunters?

— Editors of Deer & Deer Hunting

Okydoky now my deernaddeerhunting.com backstrap Spirit BloodBrothers, here we go again with the always interesting NugeBlog#24. #24 indeed! My how time flies when we are pursuing the elusive Beasts of Strapness! Such a party it is.

And what a wonderful and equally interesting deerseason 2013-2014 this has been. Are you ready for October 2014 or what? Easy there big fella! Steady now! Let us at least let the dust settle from this past season before we go all wild eyed and Killer Elite already.

Ted Nugent: The Voice of America (CNN edition)

It is here in my NugeBlog#24 that I simply wish to say thank you for your support or for at least reading my blogs here at Deeranddeerhunting.com. I am proud to be part of this herbivore conservation family and I will continue to dedicate myself to remain staunchly in the asset column of allthings deerhunting.

May I just say how I totally support all of you who hunt the mighty deer of North America. May I emphatically salute you all who hunt deer with firearms and bows and whatever legal choice turns you on. I join you all in celebrating the sniper discipline of centerfire long guns, open sighted long guns, black powder long guns, with or without scopes.

Ted Nugent VH1 Classic

The Nuge is on That Metal Show on Feb. 8 on VH1 Classic (picture is from Ted’s Facebook page).

I stand shoulder to shoulder with the army of handgun hunters across America. How cool is the pistolero deerhunt discipline!

I offer my undying and complete support for all you longbowmen, recurve bowmen, compound bowmen, crossbowmen, with sights, without sights, with release aids and without, no matter what the manufacturer, make or model.

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I support and admire all you stalkers, treestand ambushers, still hunters, foodplotters, mockscrapers, corntossers, hornrattlers, doe pee aficionados, longrangers, shortrangers, big buck killers, small buck killers, doe killers, fawn killers, multi-tag fillers and all you one deer a year guys.

I support your choice of camo, bows, guns, arrows, ammo, broadheads, optics, clothing, gear of every scope and design in every legal hunting application of your choice.

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I support all the public land hunters, wilderness hunters, rural, suburban and urban hunters, private land hunters, no fence, high fence, large tracts, small tracts, none of that matters a whit.

We all have to get up early, stay late, play the wind, practice diligently with our equipment of choice, pay our dues, be patient, be stealthy, and aim small miss small and respect the beast by killing them clean and properly handling the sacred flesh of our hard-earned kills.

I don’t care how you hunt, where you hunt, how much you hunt or anything beyond the legality and ethics of such choices as long as we all dedicate ourselves to be the most efficient deerslayers we can be.

Everybody knows that the annual surplus productivity of these prolific creatures must be killed each natural season of harvest, and I am just damn proud to be a part of this phenomenal force to reckon with that has single-handedly created, designed, financed, policed and celebrated the most successful wildlife management model in the history of earth.


I support, respect and admire you all and wish you goodluck, good hunting and Godspeed in all your hunting choices.

I also pray that those feeble souls within our otherwise mostly beloved hunting family will consider taking a deep breath and show intelligent support for all these legal choices in a genuine effort to unite all hunters to stand together to counterpunch the animal rights and anti-hunting freaks out there who are the real enemies of wildlife and freedom instead of the inbreeding and cannibalism that sadly exists within our own ranks when ignorant souls attack their own for simply choosing different approaches to this time honored conservation lifestyle.

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I don’t personally know any such cannibals, but I see them on Facebook and across the cyber Internet world, hell, even in the hallowed pages of our hunting publications, and isn’t it a shame that such buffoonish hate exists for such petty, meaningless differences? Yes, it is a shame.

Maybe if we turn up the heat in our own hunting camps and let the haters know that they are a real embarrassment, maybe we can wake them up in order to whittle away at the goofy lunatic fringe amongst us and inspire them to join the 99% Brotherhood of the Deer.

We are on our way for a wonderful 2014, so let us all work hard to maximize the good while fighting to end as much bad and ugly as we can.

Choice; it’s a beautiful thing.

Happy NugeYear BloodBrothers,

Happy New Year 2014 for the best hunting seasons of our lives.

Godspeed the BloodBrothers,

Ted Nugent & family