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It’s almost time for hunting season, but it’s always time to support the constitutional amendments we cherish!

Our magic fall time is coming on strong now. Hunt like you mean it but always dedicate as much time as possible to celebrate, promote and recruit. The culture war does not take a break during hunting season.

I don’t matter. And most of you reading these glowing pages/screens of deeranddeerhunting.com words of backstrap conservation lifestyle celebration wisdom really don’t matter much either. Those of us that get it already get it, so all we can do is maximize our priorities to manipulate every precious moment we can possibly muster into the soul cleansing great outdoors that brings us such dynamo physics of spirituality quality of life and hope like hell we can inspire as many others as possible to join us ASAP.

As we wrap up what I hope was the greatest summer of our lives (sure was for me!) and prepare to plunge spirit-first into the greatest fall hunting season of our lives (sure is gonna be for me!) it is always important to take conscientious stock of the world around us and remember that here in America we are blessed with this unprecedented experiment in self-government and how critical it is that we actually participate as an army of caring, connected Spirit of the Wild conservation forces to reckon with as gungho individual selfs!

I remember many years ago my confusion and dismay reading in all the various sporting publications how hunters and outdoorsmen didn’t get involved in the politics of hunting because we were loners.

Ted, with daughter Sasha, enjoys spending time with his family at the range.

Loners? I always interpreted that as an admission that my fellow hunters, or at least the self-appointed apathetic voices representing us in magazines thought we were just plain lazy and woefully disconnected, afraid to stand up against the scourge of animal rights freaks and anti-hunting and anti-gun maniacs.

I read over and over again and again how we should avoid arguments and debates about ourcontroversial hunting lifestyle and 2nd Amendments rights so as to not ruffle feathers.

I was aghast at how unsophisticated, pathetic and downright soulless and suicidal that embarrassing anti-American tact was and how I would defy and ignore such spineless direction from self-imposed clueless so-called leadership.

Thank God our sporting industry and community to at least some degree have pulled their collective heads out of their rear-ends over the years and finally come to the realization that confrontational politics are the only proven meaningful politics that stop stupidity and politically correct apathy.

A little time in the deer blind or out in the field with good dogs is the optimal blessing for outdoors lovers.

We have a long, long way to go before we fix all the foolish game laws and nonsensical hunting, fishing and trapping regulations out there in order to bring them into compliance with the US and state Constitutions, self-evident truth, logic, commonsense and real-world wildlife biology and science, but hopefully we are on our way thanks to more and more sporters and sporting organizations that have awaken to the duty and power of we the people rallying for what is right.

So when I say I don’t matter and we who are already deep into the hunting lifestyle don’t matter, what I mean is that our own personal hunting time is of little consequence in the big scheme of things regarding the future of our sport. But as individuals, how much we unite and stand up and fight for what we believe in and know what’s right is what truly matters for the future of conservation and freedom here in America.

Fighting to eliminate the land-mine field obstacle-course of counterproductive gamelaws and regulations that deters the retention and recruitment of new conservationists is all that really matters.

Our level of hellraising and clear and present civic duty dedicated to drain all our regional political swamps is what really matters.

The only way for evil to gain ground is when good people stand idly by and let it happen.

Our magic fall time is coming on strong now. Hunt like you mean it but always dedicate as much time as possible to celebrate, promote and recruit. The culture war does not take a break during hunting season. Membership in the mighty NRA is the best way to win.

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