cooking venion and game

Stacy Harris prepares venison throughout the year for her family and knows great ways to make the preparation and cooking easier.

Stacy Harris’ Pick of the Day is Wild Game: Food for Your Family

Wild Game: Food For Your Family has recipes that use nutritious wild game, fish, and vegetables that are exceptionally delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare. This is a refreshing cookbook filled with heartwarming photographs of her beautiful family catching the fish and gathering the vegetables to prepare their healthy meals, such as the Crispy...

Whether your venison stew is made in a traditional method or with the cool CanCooker, you'll enjoy delicious meals and have family asking for more.

Sugar in Your Cornbread? Blasphemy, I Say!

The headline on this story I ran across last week says, “The Real Reason Sugar Has No Place in Cornbread” and then it goes on for enough paragraphs to make you almost want a second double of brown water (one cube of ice, please). But I agree with the headline, writer and his thoughts. Sugar...

Blueberry Shitake Venison ... mmm, sweet blueberries and the earthiness of mushrooms.

Great Tips for the Most Flavorful, Best Venison Ever

When you want to explore new recipes for your venison roasts and backstraps, create some of the best slow-cooked venison ever or simply pick up a great kitchen prep tip, wild game chef Scott Leysath can definitely give you a hand. How? Leysath has some insights on preparation, tenderizing, field dressing, tougher or ignored cuts...