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The author with his 9-point buck felled by a NAP Spitfire broadhead and Wicked Ridge crossbow in a Banks Blind stand that produced two more fine bucks within 24 hours.

Pressure or Rest: Do You Play a Deer Stand’s Hot Hand?

Jeff Neal thought about my idea momentarily and then nodded his head in agreement. “That’s pretty good, considering how much we’ve been in and out of here the last few days,” he said. “I like it.” After three days of hunting out of the same Banks Blind close to the camp house and barn, just a...


Bucks Absolutely Can’t Pass Up a Hot Scrape

Mike McCabe is Vice President and host of Sportsmen of North America and a diehard hunter who, like most deer hunters, loves running game cameras to keep tabs on bucks. The great thing about game cameras is you get super photos all year, or however long you keep them out. Some hunters keep them going...

Grow em Big Bucks2

The Facts and Truth About Culling Bucks

Culling is the selective removal of presumably inferior deer in order to improve the quality of the remaining population. Among whitetails, the culling harvest strategy generally involves targeting those bucks with inferior antlers for removal to improve overall antler quality of those left to do the breeding and for harvest at an older age....