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Albino Deer

Just How Rare are Albino Deer?

Not all deer are born equal. Especially the ones that stand out like beacons in the night! Here’s a look at what just might be one of the most fascinating deer roaming southeastern Wisconsin this spring. by Daniel E. Schmidt These very cool photos today come compliments of my niece and her husband, Andrea...

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Alsheimer: Whitetail Scrape Activity is Exploding

If you’ve done any amount of scouting recently, you know that the amount of rubs and scrapes has exploded, especially in the last week and a half. For the next week scraping behavior will be at fever pitch as bucks scent-mark their home area. As I’ve mentioned many times in my Deer and Deer...

Alsheimer on Deer & Deer Hunting

Alsheimer: The Whitetail Rut is Ready to Launch

By the last week in October the rut is about to explode for northern whitetails. Scraping and rubbing behavior has increased dramatically from what it was in early October. Also, a buck’s home range is no longer as small as it was in early September and October. In some areas bucks can be expected to cover more...

Big Buck Working Mock Scrape

Fire Up Big Bucks with Mock Scrapes

Now is the time for all big-buck hunters to get serious about mock scrapes! Check out this awesome video by our Facebook friend Stephen Hachey. Stephen got the video on his hunting property last year, and is now obsessed with hunting this great deer. We hope you get him, Stephen! Want to create similar...


Nicole McClain: What’s Your Favorite Mobile App for Deer Hunting?

By Nicole McClain Thanks to my 9th grade World Civilization teacher, I learned the 6 P’s: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. I’ve been sampling hunting apps for usability, accuracy and reliability. The accuracy part is to be determined, but here’s the skinny on the interface and usability for one particular app, “Hunt Predictor.”...

Alsheimer Deer & Deer Hunting

Alsheimer: Pre-Season Play – Bucks Sparring in September

By Charles J. Alsheimer Throughout the month of September sparring makes up a big part of a buck’s behavior in and around areas they frequent. Though sparring can turn ugly, most encounters are little more than playful shoving matches between bucks. The most common sparring matches are between subordinate and dominant bucks. Because a dominant buck...

Don Higgins

What’s the Secret For Late Season Whitetail Magic?

I smiled when I saw the small group of deer headed for the plot of standing corn. I had been debating my friend Todd Hewing about what was the best late-season food-plot crop for whitetails. Todd argued that soybeans are the ticket, but I would hear none of it. Common sense — and all...

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Are You Ready for Some Whitetails?

Featuring top experts discussing white-tailed deer, their habitat and their behavior, Deer & Deer Hunting TV returns this year for its ninth season. Veteran researcher and hunter Charles Alsheimer, big buck hunter Steve Bartylla, D&DH editor Dan Schmidt and others will provide keen insight as the program reaches its 100th episode — the benchmark...

Charlie Alsheimer

Charlie Alsheimer’s Insights on Deer Behavior

Veteran hunter and researcher Charlie Alsheimer has observed white-tailed deer for more than 40 years, and some of his findings are interesting. He’s watched deer from birth to death, seeing the behaviors, interactions and more. Check out his insights on the latest Deer Talk Now to learn more about our favorite game animal.