The best tips for how to create and maintain food plots, mineral sites, game camera surveys, habitat enhancements, water sources, predator control, quality deer management and more.

Is culling a myth or reality when it comes to whitetail deer management? Can you selectively kill and manage wild bucks to achieve mature bucks with big antlers if that is your goal? Some ranches in Texas define cull bucks as small-racked bucks at a certain age, while hunters in other states may see spikes or unusual racks as culls.

Culling Bucks: Does It Really Work?

Man has always strived to be the best at what he does, and this same attitude applies to deer hunting, and more importantly, deer management. As a consequence of sportsmen’s insatiable desire to pursue larger-racked bucks and managers’ willingness to satisfy their requests, a variety of techniques have been tested to augment the size...

BUCK buck 6 in snow

Understanding the Metabolism of the Wintering Whitetail

In several of his books, Charles Alsheimer describes the whitetail as a true athlete and in my opinion, he’s spot on with that assessment. The whitetail deer boasts an innate ability to overcome the most adverse circumstances, regardless of geographical location or the level of difficulty Mother Nature has dealt them during any given...

The Firminator's 3-in-1 system lets you turn soil, apply seed and fertilizer, and then cutlipack all in one pass.

Plan Now for Your Best Warm-Season Food Plots

Most hunters who think of food plots think of deer hunting on or near cool-season plots in the fall. But warm season plots, those with plants that provide high protein and nutrients in the spring and summer, are vitally important to game animals.

Fruit trees are great sources of food for deer and other wildlife.

Are These the Best Mass-Producing Trees for Whitetail Deer?

Just in time for spring planting season in the Southeast, select Walmart stores are receiving Dunstan Chestnut trees and Grafted Female American Persimmon trees courtesy of Chestnut Hill Outdoors. Ideal for wildlife, Dunstan Chestnuts have been called the best food plot tree. They’re easy to grow and produce nuts in just three to five...

Evolved Habitat Rack-Up Liquid

ATA 2017: Pour It On with Rack Up Trophy Class Liquid

Evolved Habitats, America’s most-trusted brand of wildlife nutritional products engineered to attract and hold wildlife, released its advanced Rack-Up Trophy Class mineral mix supplement in 2016 – a breakthrough deer management product containing the highest concentrations of Phosphorus, Magnesium and Calcium ever produced by Evolved. New for 2017, Evolved Habitats expands on the success of...

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How to Transform Bedding Areas, Create Deer Ambush Sites

A lot of deer hunters are interested in managing their properties for good deer habitat. But Jim Ward of Iowa City, Iowa, is taking things way beyond just planting a food plot and hoping deer show up. Ward, who runs Jim Ward’s Whitetail Academy, manipulates the landscape to create buck bedding areas, preferred trails...

Bucks hang out together at some times of the year but research shows that big bucks tend to be loners and want their own space.

DDH Classic: Grandpa’s Food Plot Proverbs and Secrets

Believe it or not, many old truisms, proverbs and old-time sayings teach valuable lessons when farming for wildlife. I had the pleasure and opportunity to know my grandparents when I was young. My grandparents were born in the early 1900s and lived long lives. This provided me with many years of wonderful relationships …...