The best tips for how to create and maintain food plots, mineral sites, game camera surveys, habitat enhancements, water sources, predator control, quality deer management and more.

A well-planned clover plot can yield results for years and give deer, turkeys and other wildlife nutritious forage.

Extend the Life of Your Favorite Clover Food Plot

Most companies will claim a lifespan of three to five years on their perennials. However, if you care for them properly a perennial stand can last for many years. Perennials like red and white clovers, alfalfa, trefoils and chicory provide dependable nutrition and attraction and are especially important for antler growth, fawn rearing and...

DEER   Mineral site

It’s Time to Get Moving on Mineral Sites for Deer

If you want your local deer herd to benefit from a mineral site, now is the time to get one established. According to D&DH contributing editor Matt Harper, in whitetail’s spring and summer, the whitetail’s mineral and vitamin needs spike dramatically. “This is due to the physical condition of the deer,” Harper said. “For example, the...

Dan Schmidt with his Texas turkey that dropped after a much quieter blast from his shotgun thanks to the SilencerCo Salvo 12 suppressor.

Benefits of Using Suppressors For Deer Hunting, Shooting Sports

Firearm sound suppressors, or “silencers” as they are sometimes called, are devices which help reduce the noise of gunfire to hearing safe levels when attached to the end of a firearm’s barrel. Suppressors are generally nothing more than containment systems with a series of baffles which help contain and re-direct the expanding gasses that...


Make Your Deer Mineral Sites Even Better with These Tips

White-tailed deer need minerals for overall health, milk production for fawns and antler growth during the spring and summer months. Without minerals, deer struggle to achieve their maximum potential. Deer get minerals through natural forage and supplemental forage, of course. But they also seek areas where they live where minerals are present. You can...

GEB  Buck in food plot

Grow ’em Big: Best Deer Food Plots Incorporate Smorgasbord Effect

Learn how to attract deer to your property at all times during the season by offering them everything they need in one food plot. Grow ’em Big host and veteran land manager Steve Bartylla explains how to create a smorgasbord effect on even the smallest of properties. You can easily do this through smart...