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Don’t Be Afraid of Grunting for Your Bucks

Mature whitetail bucks can be frustratingly elusive because of their stealth and unpredictability during much of the hunting season. Fortunately during the rut, many bucks slip out of that mold and shift to a bold and boisterous attitude. They will even announce their presence with a variety of vocalizations. The growl is one of...

Hart J Outfitters Dakota

Deer Talk Now: Tips for Bowhunting Early Season Whitetails

Deer & Deer Hunting’s Dan Schmidt interviews expert guide Chris Jorde on tips and tactics for bowhunting whitetails in the early season for the latest episode of Deer Talk Now, on the road in North Dakota. Jorde is the owner of Hart J Outfitters near Towner and offers hunters great opportunities for bucks throughout...

Joe Akin of Alabama with 15-point buck killed in Tennessee in late November.

The Best Tips for Last-Minute Deer Season Planning

For the hunter with so much to do and not enough time, this week’s Deer & Deer Hunting TV — which airs Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC Sports — has you covered with the last minute hunting preparation tips you need to tag a buck. When you can’t make the time to get...