Daily Updates from Deer Study Group

    SANDESTIN, Fla. – Put some of the top whitetail deer biologists, managers, researchers and enthusiasts together with a little sand, sun and probably a boatload of seafood, and you’ll have the 2012 Southeast Deer Study Group conference in your sights. By Alan Clemons On Monday and Tuesday, biologists, land managers, researchers, students...


Whitetail Freaks: A Truly Giant Buck

Saw this one today on the Facebook page of fellow whitetail fanatic David Gendreau. It is unusual, but not uncommon in the whitetail world. In short, this is what is known as a “cactus buck.” This condition dates back many decades in whitetails. In fact, one of the first person to document these weird...

Deer Farms

QDMA Urges Hunters to Oppose Deer Farms

The Georgia-based Quality Deer Management Association is urging hunters in seven states to oppose the expansion of the deer-breeding industry, which the organization perceives as a growing threat to wild deer and the deer-hunting heritage. Legislation designed to loosen or dismantle regulatory barriers to white-tailed deer breeding and farming is being considered in Georgia,...

big deer/huge antlers

Big Bucks Steal Some of the Spotlight at National Turkey Convention

By Alan Clemons NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Turkeys are taking the spotlight at the National Wild Turkey Federation convention here this weekend, but deer aren’t being ignored. The annual national convention attracts thousands of hunters and conservationists. Mossberg is sponsoring the annual taxidermy contest for the turkey and whitetail mounts. Several dozen mounts in each...

aa shed

Big Bucks, Shed Antlers & Turkey Hunting

  Have you ever asked yourself this question while scouting in the winter or looking for shed antlers in spring: Can deer tracks reveal the sex of an individual deer? Hunters often disagree about whether it’s possible to identify a deer’s sex by looking at its tracks. However, some experienced hunters believe it is...

wolf hunting season

Wolves and Deer Hunters: A New Year

Following last month’s announcement that gray wolves will return to state management in the northern Great Lakes on Jan. 27, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced today that a limited gray wolf hunting and trapping season is being planned for late 2012. This is a hot-button topic for deer hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife managers alike. However, it...

Has Deer Management Reached a Line in the Sand?

Everyone has a line they won't cross when it comes to deer hunting, no matter the benefits. Bob Zaiglin looks at the lines of deer management.

Has the QDM Bubble Burst?

Deer management's paradigm shift hit its stride in the past decade, but five side effects have dramatically slowed its growth.