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Find the right rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader to chase whitetails this season. Or catch up on the latest firearms news as it pertains to deer guns.

Traditions Muzzleloaders

Muzzleloaders + Modern Technology = Longer Ethical Hunting Distances

The performance of muzzleloaders has greatly increased over the years to the point that they now rival centerfire rifles for accuracy at modest ranges. Bullets, primers and powders have played a role in this, and provide solutions for hunting in regards to longer ethical hunting distances with modern muzzleloaders.

3 Steps for Cleaning Muzzleloaders

Top 3 Steps for Cleaning Muzzleloaders

Muzzleloaders have their own set of nuances when it comes to proper cleaning practices to be ready for deer hunting season. Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt walks us through three important steps for keeping those muzzleloaders in first-rate condition.