Deer Talk Now: Three Biggest Bloodtrailing Mistakes

What do you know about bloodtrailing a deer? Just follow the track you think the deer took? Use a big light? Spray some kind of blood juice on the ground to make things shine? Maybe you should get on your knees and hands to become the deer? Or maybe you could, if you’ve exhausted...

Holly Sherman is all smiles after recovering her first bow-buck earlier this week in central Wisconsin. (photo courtesy of Lon Sherman)

The Best Blood-Trailing Advice of All

The best blood trailing advice I could ever offer anyone was reaffirmed by my friend Lon yesterday when he was helping track a deer shot by his daughter-in-law. That advice is simple: Never, ever give up on a deer that you know you shot. By Daniel E. Schmidt Sounds simple enough, but I’ve seen...

Dan and Emily doe 2012

The Season: BDD! Dan Secures More Venison

Big doe down! Gosh, is there a greater sight in autumn? You’ve released the arrow, saw the impact, waited the minimum of 30 minutes to track your deer. I told my wife that she had best follow me on the blood trail. Tracy is the best spotter for blood I’ve ever accompanied. Don’t know...