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DDH TV co-host Mark Kayser and a western mule deer buck he toppled testing the new Hornady ELD-X bullet. (Photo copyright Mark Kayser)

Kayser Scores on Super Buck Testing New Bullet from Hornady

Sometimes you get lucky and receive an invitation to hunt a premiere property. D&DH TV co-host Mark Kayser received just that and was on the hunt in western South Dakota for either a prairie whitetail or a tall-tined muley. After several days of hunting Kayser couldn’t believe the number of mature deer he encountered...

Steve Bartylla has some of the best deer hunting tips for land and whitetail management, stand placement and more in his new book, Big Buck Secrets.

Best Deer Hunting Tips Revealed in Big Buck Secrets

Seasoned whitetail hunter Steve Bartylla serves as a personal trainer with his new book, Big Buck Secrets, divulging insider tips on scouting and sharing hunting tactics that will help the average hunter take his or her craft to the next level. Big Buck Secrets, from Krause Publications, is available at www.shopdeerhunting.com. Calling on more...

Bucks use licking branches as signposts with their scrapes, and preorbital gland scent is a big part of it.

Advanced Licking Branch Secrets for Big Bucks

We love hearing good deer hunting success stories and even moreso when hunters have capitalized on some of the best tips or suggestions to help them be successful. Larry J. McKenzie of South Carolina wrote in to one of our good friends, John “Smokey” McNicholas, to let him know about his good hunts last...