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Six Venison Chili Recipes You Should Try This Season

Mmmm, can you think of many things to eat during hunting season that are better than a steamin’ hot bowl of deer chili? It’s tough to do, I know. As much as we love burgers, roasts, slow-cooked anything and smoked sausages, the greatness of deer chili is hard to argue against. There are so...

Mmm, venison chili is great anytime!

Delicious and Easy Venison Chili Recipe

Everyone has a favorite chili recipe, and this venison chili recipe is my family’s favorite. Venison chili adds a depth of flavor that is superior to other kinds of meats. President Lyndon Johnson knew this, and it is noted that he requested the cooks at the White House to use only venison for his chili....

Venison Crock Pot Chili

Great Tips to Help You Process, Cook Your Own Venison

Labeling one of the most popular books in the Deer & Deer Hunting library a cookbook is, quite honestly, a misnomer considering the vast information found within its pages. Gut It Cut It Cook It for years has been one of the favorites of deer hunters who are truly part of the DIY crowd. When...