venison chili

If you don't have venison on hand, practice your chili recipe with beef and get set for deer season!

Chilly Temps This Weekend, So It’s a Great Time for Hot Venison Chili

Temperatures in some northern parts of the United States are starting to ever-so-gently teeter toward thoughts of “Hmm, it’s chilly,”¬†and that¬†means a couple of things: it’s football season and it’s time for venison chili! Football season and venison chili also means deer hunting season is just around the corner! If that doesn’t get you...

Gut It Cut It Cook It

Learn the Best Ways to Process Your Own Venison

Labeling one of the most popular books in the Deer & Deer Hunting library a cookbook is, quite honestly, a misnomer considering the vast information found within its pages. “Gut It Cut It Cook It” for years has been one of the favorites of deer hunters who are truly part of the DIY crowd....