Have You Seen The 67-Pointer?

That is no typographical error. Yep, you read it right: a 67-point white-tailed buck! And, yes, it is a wild deer that was taken via fair-chase hunting tactics (sad that we even have to preface that, but that’s the case in today’s Internet environment).

The lucky (or should we say blessed?) hunter is Brian Butcher of Kansas, a bowhunter who literally hit the jackpot while hunting in Chase County in October 2019.

According to news reports, Butcher’s buck has an unofficial score of 321-3/8 inches. If that score holds, the buck will be the 4th largest nontypical of all time. The next official record-book entry period doesn’t happen until 2022.

The largest nontypical whitetail ever recorded by a bowhunter is the Luke Brewster buck. That deer was killed in 2018 in Illinois. Its official Pope and Young score was 327-7/8 inches.


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